How To Improve Your Company’s Legal Operations


When you make the decision to bring an in-house legal department to your company, you are setting them up for a lot more than just legal work. A department needs to have operations run every day and those operations will affect your bottom line just as much as the legal work. By bringing a non-lawyer into this department to handle things not requiring a law degree, such as the department’s finances, you can free up your lawyers to focus on the legal matters. You will need to have the right platform, and personnel to pull this off, however, and there are tricks to doing so.

The Right Platform


The key to streamlining your legal operations management is to have the right software platform to keep all the information together, run analytics and share documents across the company. The right software solutions alone will not take the pressure off your lawyers to be in two places at once, but it can make their job, and any operations personnel you assign to the team, a lot easier. Many platforms you find will allow you to track expenditures, create invoices and automate many repetitive tasks to further save your department time and money.

You can find a variety of software solutions to help you with various tasks as well as software suites and platforms like Mitratech to combine the tools you need in a seamless fashion. When you are researching the right tools to use for your company, it is a good idea to keep in mind what you need as well as how your current system is or is not working for you.

The Right Personnel

Hiring the right people for your legal department means keeping in mind which lawyers you want on hand as well as which operations personnel will benefit the team. This can take some of the stress off your lawyers and help create a better work-life balance for them, which in turn increases productivity. It is important for your operations role to be filled with someone who is good with numbers, self-motivated and a good leader because he or she will be responsible for the department’s finances, planning and much more.

Improving your company’s legal department and how it operates can be as simple as bringing on someone without a law degree to handle many of the things that do not require a lawyer such as finances, organizing planning meetings and running analytics. You can find software platforms and solutions to help with this as well as hire someone with a business or accounting degree to run operations.

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