How to gift a Smartphone to your loved ones without cash in hand?

Most of the people carry three essential things with them every single time when they are stepping out of their house: keys, wallet, and a smartphone.

With the advancements in the technological industry, it has now become possible for you to carry the keys and a smartphone, leaving your wallet at home.

Now, carrying cash with you need not be necessarily an essential requirement. You can make online payments or swipe cards in the store to pay for all the expenses.

Your Smartphone is capable of storing all the necessary financial details that you can use to pay your costs at ease.

You can also make instant payments with the help of smartphones at any given time. Similarly, you can also buy mobile on EMI without carrying cash with you at any store or online platforms.

You may feel that it’s vaguely futuristic; however, it’s entirely secure for you to use the online portals to make payments when compared to withdrawing cash in the ATM counters.

If you don’t know about app-based payments, then you might have to upgrade your knowledge base and shift from using cash or cash methods of paying your expenses.

It’s very much more comfortable than you are thinking of setting up your financial details in the app-based payment applications buy mobile on EMI.

You already possess all the details that you need to fill for completing the setup procedures in these online platforms.

How to pay for the Smartphone when you don’t have cash?

There are many ways to pay for your Smartphone when you do not have enough cash with you right now.

Here are some of the best options to buy Mobile on EMI:

  • LazyPay


LazyPay is an application that you can download on your phone at any given time. Using this option, you can now pay for the phone when you do not have enough cash with you.

LazyPay is a no-cost payment option available for you that allows you to pay for the phone instantly and repay it in 15 days to the company.

For example, if you want to buy a mobile on EMI of 15,000 INR, you can use this option to pay in any online portal instantly and then settle the payment after 15 days.

You can also opt for no-cost EMI options and affordable installments per month to repay the loan, in case you cannot settle the loan in 15 days from making the transactions.

Although you will have to register yourself in the portal first and check the limit that you can avail, it’s very much efficient for you to choose this option when you are run out of cash.

You will have to visit the website or app that has partnered with LazyPay, find this option in the payments tab, and confirm your purchase using the same choice.

  • PayLater option by ICICI Bank

Now, ICICI bank is also offering pay-later options to you when you are run out of cash and are looking to buy a mobile on EMI immediately.

When you are running low on cash, you can use this PayLater option by ICICI Bank and repay the bank after 30 days of making the purchase. Don’t worry; there will be no interest applied to the amount that you are borrowing from the bank.

It is the best and secure way of purchasing online portals or applications. You can use this option in only those portals that have tied up with the bank and are allowing this option to be availed by customers.

Once you have made the purchase, ICICI Bank gives you a period of about 30 to 45 days to repay the funds that you are borrowing from them digitally.

The dues will then be automatically debited from your savings account once the period that you are opting for is over.

It is one of the best ways to buy a smartphone and gift your loved ones when you don’t have cash.

  • Flipkart PayLater

Flipkart PayLater is another best option available for you that allows you to buy a Smartphone immediately and pay later whenever you have cash on you.

Although there is a specific period that is given to you to pay the funds you are borrowing from Flipkart; however, it works best for those individuals who don’t have cash in the present and are expecting to get paid in the future.

Flipkart’s PayLater option can only be availed when you are making any purchases from Flipkart itself and not any other portals.

If you are unable to pay the funds that you are taking, you can also convert the same into 3, 6, 9, or 12 months EMI at no or lower interest rates from Flipkart.

You can also use Zestmoney to get no cost,  0% EMI for all your purchases on Flipkart, be it mobile phones, electronics, fashion apparel, and many more.

Flipkart will assess your credibility before offering you any loans using the pay later option. If you want to buy mobile on EMI from Flipkart this month, you will have time till next month 10th to pay the amount.

The best benefit of using this application is you can purchase a smartphone instantly without paying the amount of the phone right now.

To check your eligibility criteria, you can log into your Flipkart account and check if you can use this option within 30 seconds.

You will have to enter your beneficial details such as PAN, Aadhar Card details, etc. and then wait for the verification to be completed. Once verified, you can use this option to make instant payments.

You can also club all your transactions when using this option to pay the transaction amount.

For example, if you want to buy mobile on EMI, an earphone, and a charger, you can also club all these transactions amount and pay later.

So, what are you waiting for? You need not worry if you don’t have cash with you right now; you can use this option to gift your near and dear ones.


These are some of the best options available to you to walk freely in the streets without carrying any cash on you.

You can make use of these applications to make payments, buy mobile on EMI in online portals or at the store and surprise your near and dear ones.

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