How to Get THAT Boss to Listen to Your Ideas

We often get to hear different opinions from employees that the management is not doing well for their employees. This is one standard view we get to hear from various individuals from every company we come across.

Many of the employees would like to add value to the business management or to the process they are working on. The team leader or the boss who run things around must have excellent listening skills. In some cases, bosses like to avoid such ideas because they do not consider the employee’s opinions. If one has something in their mind that can change the process and make it better in many areas, then you should go forward, but your boss does not give you credit or even listen to you.


There is no secret on how you can convince your Boss because all key people are not the same, so you have prepared for what you have to offer, it should be convincing to your boss. To do that, you have to learn few things about how to grab your boss undivided attention towards on what you have to say. Otherwise, your boss is likely to kill your idea before it can produce any sign of life.

Here are the few hacks you can use to learn that can convince your boss.

Now Let Us Prepare You to Convince Your Boss Listen To You


There are few steps you have follow and before that you have to know what your chances are. So let’s get into it.

Research the Needs

Since every business is different accordingly to their nature of business, so you have to do the research on what goes around in the meetings, group chats, and subjects by the key people in the company. Know what their needs and the company is lacking.

Before you can approach your boss, learn what he is interested in and what he is expecting from an idea of change. I’m acutely aware of that fact it’s hard but you can get that information from his colleagues, or you can directly observe what his first words are or repeated phrases he uses when in conversation with the team.

Do You Know Your & Boss Limits

First of all, that is build good trust among yourselves. You do not want to approach somebody who doesn’t even have the slightest idea that you are in his team or company. Build a healthy relationship and gain his trust. Performance and position are also considered because bosses avoid a newbie, who has entered the company a few months back and has been performing average.

Research on your boss limits, like is he the right person to approach for your plan to work out. Is he authorized enough to make your plan work or else he would only say “It’s just not enough.”

So first know that you are in the position to express your ideas and offer what you got. Initially, your presentation and your performance is will be the judge of your conversation. Building healthy relationship between you and the boss will be key to the process.

Preparing well is The Key to Success

Like I have mentioned before that if you are not well prepared then you will leave a negative impression on your boss. Do your homework first, if you have an idea, and you only want to brainstorm everyone with an idea which has no ground that it will work?

Your boss will be convinced if you provide him with enough proof that the idea works. Remember you should boldly and sharply answer his doubts because if you delay in giving the positive reply, you are likely to fail.

Do your homework; start with the team itself because they have more doubts than the bosses. First, remove the predictable doubts so that you can boldly answer them. For starters, I will give you few examples.

  • Do you have any proof that the idea works?
  • Has your idea worked out for you?
  • How effective the approach works for all?
  • Have you implemented this before? If yes, show us some example results?

Make sure to work on these doubts and come up with the best results by implementing it.

Boss Point of View

Bosses are all about improving the business, team, product or he wants to improve himself. The best way to make it happen is to present your idea from your boss point of view. In other words, learn what he is looking for and add a vital role he will be playing in the Idea because that way it will also benefit him making him listen to you carefully. Many of the employees are little selfish, and they want their cut. That includes your boss and leverage that to your advantage.

Choose the Right People

What you have in your mind is worth paying attention to but according to your boss, he has a lot on his plate and it can be something like he might hear out you idea and then later put it aside because they have something else to do.

It is important to know that your boss is the right person to make things change around because most of the bosses are not in the authority to make any significant changes, after all not everyone has similar objectives.

Get People behind You

If you are unable to make any contact with the right boss then approach anyone who knows him. For instance, his assistant or co-worker, ask him to come along with you when you have an idea on how you can improve any business.

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