How To Find The Right Coworking Space In NYC

The city has so many people to meet and things to do that considering looking for space to work is overwhelming. New York City lives up to every conversation about it, but when the party is over, people have to work. Finding workspace in a city this large can be an orchestration, especially if you are not from NYC.

However, commercial real estate does not have to be the answer to your needs for an office solution. A coworking space in NYC can make work seem less like work. Finding a coworking space to join is not difficult, especially with the huge number of them in the city. A coworking space in NYC is the place to work, but finding the right space takes a little luck, pluck and motivation.

Let’s take a closer look at how to find the right coworking space for your business needs in New York City.

Seek Out A Coworking Wiki


The coworking wiki is a newer concept rapidly spreading. A coworking wiki is a collaboration space that charges a subscription for owning space for a day, for a drop-in rate, and for a number of visits a month. Fuelled in part by freelancers, this movement is growing worldwide and is a great way to test out a space for a day before making a decision. If looking for space to work, this might be a great place to start.

Talk To Those Around You

In a place where getting to know your neighbour is easy, talking to other business owners who familiar with coworking is another way to get information about spaces in the area. Key questions to ask are related to the types of amenities, and the length of the lease, which in most cases is a month. Another question relates to the coworking space’s mission because it will give you an indication of the professional profile of the space.  

Visit The Boroughs

Take your search for office space up a notch and do a review of the boroughs. Places to pay attention include the South Bronx, Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Manhattan, China Town, the Financial District, Flatbush, Lower Eastside and Harlem. NYC’s coworking scene is one of the most diverse filled with eclectics from around the city, and if you have the time, you might find a few comfortable spaces.

Seek Out Spaces

Spaces Commercial Real Estate is another resource that professionals can use to find a coworking space. This organisation can cut out the work of looking for an office by providing you with listings. For businesses that are too busy to shop for office space, Spaces can be your go-to.

Seek Out The Professionals

The serviced office industry has come a long way in providing businesses with affordable office space. In the city, professionals have benefitted in that a lot of this space is really inexpensive, especially in places like Manhattan and Park Avenue. Today’s serviced office has evolved to include spaces outside the executive suite.

Other options include coworking and the virtual office, and if the company is an international company, then you have access to offices worldwide. The great thing about going with a larger serviced office for a coworking space is that they can help you relocate easily, and the leases can be scaled up or down.

Working And Coworking In NYC

Finding space in New York’s dynamic business scene can be done and quickly. With a great number of resources, professionals can plug into the coworking scene that only seems to be growing. Between the work and networking, your space in any location in the city can be the platform from which to grow.

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