How to escape from Credit card interests

Everyone will have bank account and every account holder can have Debit card. Without any effort ant account holder can get debit card. All we have to do is to maintain minimum balance amount in out account. That minimum amount will be specified by the bank. We cannot get Credit card as we debit card. We have to show some huge transactions from our account. To get Credit card we have to show IT for 3 years. If we are employees we have to show our salary statement for proof purpose. We ca use Credit card even if we do not have any amount in our account. We can pay later in installments. But this will have a certain limit of amount. There is no option to cross the limit prescribed by bank. Limit will vary for different persons and some will not have any limit. This will completely depends on the type of Credit card we are using.

Credit card interests

We can lend money from bank for our need and we can pay that amount later. Bank will give some time period and we have to clear all our dues on or before that. If not some amount interest will be added to our account. If this continues bank will follow compound interest policy also. To escape from all such issues we have to keep an eye on our limits. If you are not willing to pay complete amount, pay at least minimum amount to escape from interest. Otherwise interest will be added continuously without any intimation. To avoid interest we should be very careful with last date and before taking Credit card we should enquire all the details including rate of interest that will be calculated if we miss to pay our dues.

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