How to decide best suited Credit card

Credit cards are beneficiary if we use them in proper way as it provides easiest way of buying things and paying bills. Before choosing credit card we should first decide which type of card we should we should prefer. There are many types of credit card in market depending on our usage. Different Cards will offer different offers .Here are some type of Credit cards and their usage depending on person status.

Types of Credit cards

Standard Credit card: This is common credit card that ant regular employee can get this type of card. There is amount limit and purchase limit on this type of cards. We cannot find any option to cross this limit. We can use this Credit card in all places weather it is online or offline and can pay the due later before the prescribed time limit.

Standard Credit card

Premium Credit card: This type of credit card is little higher than standard credit card. Premium Credit cards will offer many offers like travel discounts, Credit points, cash back and so on. The best way of using this type of card will add Reward points to our account which will be more useful for many discounts.

Chargeable Credit card: Chargeable credit card is only for some special people who have higher income and there will not be any limit. We have to pay the due amount within one month at any cost and hence there is no limit of amount.

Secured Credit card: The name itself indicates that this type of Credit card is secure when compared to others. There is limit of amount to borrow and we should not cross this limit. The amount of interest is also less. We have to pay some minimum amount monthly to avoid interest. No need to pay entire amount at a time. We can also pay in instalments which will be easy for us.

Special Credit card: This type of Credit card is most commonly useful for business customers as this offers partnership facility and can use multiple people.

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