How to Check ICICI Bank Account Balance Online and Offline?

ICICI bank is one of the largest and leading banks of the private banking sector in India. ICICI Bank has more customers than any other private bank, and it has 4800+ branches and 13000+ ATM’s over the nation. Apart from providing the best banking and financial services to the customers, they do provide digital services as well. We know the balance enquiry is one of the most asked questions over the Internet. In this post, we are going to list some methods to check ICICI bank account balance online and as well as offline.

We do need to check our account balance sometimes like before proceeding to any transaction, and we cannot visit the bank every time for this query. Therefore we are going to list seven methods from which you can do ICICI Bank account balance check.

Learn How to Check ICICI Bank Account Balance:


check ICICI Bank account balance

As we mentioned earlier, there are seven methods from which we can check our ICICI bank account balance. The seven ways are different but linked to each other. The seven methods to check ICICI bank account balance are:

  • By Missed Call
  • SMS Banking
  • Via Internet Banking
  • Via Mobile Banking
  • Via ATM
  • Passbook
  • Calling customer care

#1 By Missed Call:

Missed call banking is one of their convenient ways to check our ICICI bank account balance. You only need to give a missed call, and the balance details will come to your registered mobile number via SMS.

You can do this by giving a missed call on 9594 612 612, and the call will cut automatically. Within a few minutes, you will receive your balance details via SMS.

The same service you can use for checking your last five transactions details. Only you need to miss call on this number 9594 613 613 and wait for the transaction message.

Note: Your mobile number must be linked with your ICICI bank account to avail of this facility.

#2 SMS Banking:

The second option to check your account balance is by sending SMS. SMS Banking facility is only available for the customers who linked their mobile number with their bank account. If your mobile number is connected, then you can check your account balance by sending “IBAL” to 9215676766 (for primary considerations). If a customer holds multiple accounts with the bank, he/she can check the ICICI Bank account balance for secondary accounts by sending “IBAL <space> Last six digits of Account Number” to 9215676766.

#3 Via Internet Banking:

Internet Banking does provide us with every access to our bank account. From the fund transfer to requesting cheque book, all features are available using Internet banking. However, we are talking about ICICI internet banking and how we can check our account balance using the same. The first thing you need to do is get your internet banking activated from your bank, and if you are already having access to ICICI bank internet banking, then you can follow the steps given below for checking your account balance online.


  • First, you need to visit the login page of the internet banking portal, and you can do this by clicking here:
  • Second, you need to enter your user ID and password.
  • After that, It will require your card grid verification. Like the letters which are mentioned on the back of your debit card.
  • Verify using the same.
  • On the homepage, Click on balance section.
  • That’s it. It will show your last ten transactions and balance on your screen.

#4 Via Mobile Banking:

The fourth option to check your account balance is by using ICICI mobile banking. We sometimes do not have access to our laptop or PC. Therefore, for the accessible digital banking services, most of the banks do provide mobile banking services. It is same as internet banking, but the thing is you can access it via using the mobile application. Anyway, let me tell you how can you check your balance using mobile banking.


  • First, you need to install the iMobile application on your smartphone.
  • Then, use the same login id and password of internet banking for getting yourself logged in.
  • Verify yourself using the debit card and mobile number.
  • That’s it. You have activated your mobile banking now on the home screen click on statements.
  • Once tapped, the last ten transactions and your balance will be available on your smartphone screen.

#5 Via ATM:

Another option is offline but still manageable. You can check your ICICI bank account balance by visiting any of the bank ATM near you. You only need to swipe your debit cum ATM card on the machine and enter your secure ATM pin. Once entered, you need to select the option of balance enquiry and the available balance on your account will show on ATM screen.

#6 Passbook:

Our second last option to check your account balance is via using your passbook. You only need to visit ICICI bank branch near you and ask them for the passbook update. This not only helps you to get your account statement but also show you the last and current balance in your ICICI bank account.

#7 Calling customer care:

The last option is to check your account balance of ICICI Bank account is by calling phone banking officer, aka customer care. You only need to call on 1860 120 7777 and once the call gets connected. Verify yourself using your debit card and pin. Once verified your call will get transferred to the phone banking officer and you can ask him to show your account balance details.


We do know about banking needs. Sometimes, we must check our account balance, and we can not go bank every time for the same. We do know about the ICICI bank, which is one of the leading banks in the private banking sector and has more customers than any other private banks. In case, you need to check your ICICI bank account balance anytime on the go then this post is for you. In this post, we have mentioned all the required details and methods to check ICICI bank account balance. Do let us know in the comments section if you have any doubts.

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