How to change EPF Nomination Online

PF has been productive since the launch date, and almost 70% of the employees have accounts in PF organization. However, many PF account holders do not know how to change the nomination online; lack of knowledge on the subject is one of the main reasons. Not many people explore in this area because they are not concerned by it until they are going to exit the company for good.

Today, we will cover the topic on how you can change the EPF Nomination online. We are going to explain everything step-by-step.

How To Change EPF Nomination Online


To modify the nomination online, visit the official UAN Website or Visit this site.

  • Now login to the account with your details and then head to the dashboard.
  • Now search for the option “Profile” > “Edit Nomination Details.”
  • Now make sure to fill all of the details asked in the blank boxes.

– UAN, DOB, Name, Father/Spouse name, DOJ (Date of joining), Gender, Establishment ID, Member ID, and others.

  • When you are providing makes sure to enter the Current and Permanent details.
  • If your current & permanent addresses are same, then click on “Checkbox,” then click “Update.”
  • Once you confirm, you will be redirected to the page where you can see the edited version of the details.
  • Then add a percentage for each nominee on how much they should receive the amount.
  • Once the application is filled then, you can generate the PDF.
  • Once you have confirmed it, then the application will be sent to your employer (Company you are working for to confirm the details).
  • Now take a print out of the Generated Form and then submit it to the employer.

Keep one thing in mind that you may have to provide KYC documents of the people you are going to mention in the Nomination and submit them to the Employer or else your edit submission will be rejected.

One more thing is that, when you enter the name, address and other info should be on the KYC documents so that the Employers can approve it then you can continue with the edit of nomination. Approval of your nomination will not be accepted unless you have proper information on the KYC.


You can change the nomination by following the online process and submit it to the authority of your employer. The chances of getting your nomination are high if your KYC documents are legit. Make sure to contact your employer to get more info on the nomination change. Let us know what kind of difficulties you have are facing during this process and if there are any corrections to be made.

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