How to Attract Customers to Your Growing Business

Taking a small but growing business to the next level in its operations level is an exciting undertaking. There are lot of easy but effective steps that you can take to connect with your target customer base and win their business. Here some ways that you can get started on boosting your business’ presence and attracting customers.

Enhance Your Presence on Social Media


Connect with customers on their preferred platforms by creating accounts for your business on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Some people are more likely to share information about your company with their family and friends when they have something substantive about it that they can send on social media. In the world of social media, it’s best to get connected with individuals who have a lot of followers or are regarded as social media influencers. These professional marketers can help share information about your company with their followers and hopefully generate interest in your business.

Start an Email Campaign

Keeping a list of your customer’s email addresses and using a mass email service to send out periodic announcements about sales and products or services will help you to stay relevant and current with your customers during times when they’re not actively doing business with you. Whenever possible, emails should be personalized to call customers’ attention to them and to make customers more receptive to your message. It’s important, however, to have an unsubscribe option readily accessible to all of your email recipients.

Get a Toll Free Business Phone Number

A lot of people don’t pay for individual calls anymore but saving your customers’ from having to spend on making a call to your business may have an impact on winning over customers. A toll free number for business helps to establish the legitimacy and success of your business. When customers see that a business has a toll free number, they know that they’re dealing with a professional company that has adequate resources and is ready to receive customers’ business.

Offer Sales, Promotions, and Promotional Materials

A great way to entice potential customers to check out your business is advertising a sale or promotional event. One idea is to create coupons or offers that are available exclusively to new customers. If you take this approach, it’s advisable to offer something else to existing customers so they don’t feel left out. Offering promotional merchandise with your company logo is another great way to get people feeling positive about your business.

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