How Redevelopment Helps Your Neighborhood


Communities are strongest when everyone living there has access to opportunities. Redevelopment is one avenue to create such opportunities. Working with Los Angeles landlords, such as Steven Taylor, neighborhoods can grow into safe places for residents to succeed and thrive. Here are some of the top benefits of redevelopment.

Job Creation

The jobs created from redevelopment are twofold. First, there are the jobs associated with the construction of cleaning up parks, remodeling shopping districts and improving road signage. Many of these jobs can develop into careers in construction and engineering. Second, improved neighborhoods attract new businesses, creating long-term jobs.

Efficient Use

When a responsible landlord spearheads redevelopment, certain unused community areas can become parks or community gardens. This efficient use of neighborhood spaces can prevent unsavory activities from happening in these places. This also creates parks and other green spaces where residents can play and relax.

Reduced Emissions

Another aspect of efficiency is remodeling shopping centers to be more eco-friendly. This reduces carbon emissions for the neighborhood, providing benefits that go beyond the community itself. Larger projects can even include recycling initiatives and providing electric bikes for rent. If you care about carbon emmissions in your neighborhood, you should learn more about redevelopment.

Improved Water

Water quality is important in any community. When neighborhood buildings are designed with water quality in mind, reservoirs can better capture rainwater and filter it before consumption. Other water improvements include reducing soluble waste and partitioning drinkable water away from non-potable sources. When local water is safe, a community has a safety net for possible emergencies.

These benefits can help both affluent and suffering communities. Redevelopment elevates locations to their full potential and brings in new jobs and better resources. If city officials or landlords are discussing redevelopment in your area, find out how you can participate and aid this endeavor.

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