How does Car Inspection Through An App Works In Car Insurance?

Insurance is a one of the most important financial products ever created. This is evident by the fact that there is a type of insurance policy you can buy for almost everything you own. Moreover, no other purchase ever proves to be more beneficialthan insurance. There is rarely any other purchase you can make that is more beneficial than insurance. However, to avail all these benefits, you have to go through the claims process.

As somebody that might travel by car daily, you are likely to be always wondering what you would do if you ever meet an accident. Despite buying a good car insurance policy, you may not entirely be sure what to expect in the case you have to make a claim. One of the many questions related to that is how your insurance in processed in different scenarios.

Car inspection

The purchase, coverage, and processing of the policy depends on the inspection of the vehicle. When you buy a policy, the insurance provider will inspect your car to design the best coverage for you. At the time of an accident, the insurance provider will inspect your car to check what kind of damage has been done to it. However, in both scenarios you have to wait till you hear from your insurance provider about the results of your inspection for other formalities to move ahead. This entire process can take a few days or even a week. If you are someone that uses your car daily, not being able to drive a car because of insurance could mess up your daily routine.

Car Inspection Through An App Works In Car Insurance

As a solution to this problem, you can use insurance apps with car inspection features. These apps are mainly used to manage an existing policy. Hence, they can especially helpful with car inspections at the time of making a claim. This, in turn, makes the entire process much simpler. Here’s how it works and how it can help you:

Process of car inspection through an app

An insurance app uses your phone’s hardware and software to carry out the process of inspection. Hence, much like any other program you wish to run on your phone, it has certain prerequisites. For example, for the inspection to be conducted smoothly, you should have a decent quality camera that can take clear pictures and videos, a strong internet connection. If you have all of these here is how you can inspect your car in cases of claims:

  • The first step to start a car inspection is to actually contact your insurance provider. If you have been in an accident, check yourself and any passengers with you for any injuries. Once you have made sure they has been no bodily harm, the first thing to do is to contact your insurance provider.
  • Once you have notified the insurance provider and claims processing has begun, you can use the inspection feature present in your app. Depending on the damage to your car and your claim, the app will guide you how to conduct the car inspection.
  • Depending on the type and extent of damage to your car, you will have to shoot photos and videosof the damage to your car. You will have to shoot these photos/videos asper the guidelines given by the insurance provider.
  • Once you submit the visual proof of the damage, the claim processing gets underway instantly. Within a short time, the claim is approved. After your claim is approved, your coverage comes into the picture.
  • Depending on the type and extent of coverage, you can get repairs done for your car ass soon as possible.

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