Home Loan Eligibility Calculator India/HDFC/SBI

Customers are interested to choose finance from bank to avail home loan to fulfil the dream of own house.

HDFC Home Loan Eligibility


hdfc home loan

Customers are finding stressful in search of the right home can be very stressful. The HDFC home loan eligibility calculator India supports to satisfy the requirements of the customer to avail home loan. The customers are interested to know more about HDFC home loan eligibility calculator India. The individuals feel better off while going to sign the papers of home loan from the bank. Clear understanding of the rules before signing the loan document is an additional advantage to the individuals from the bank.


  • HDFC offers over 34 years of experience for Home Loan in India.
  • Customers are attracted by the widest range of home loan, deposits availed from the bank
  • Experienced personnel suggest individuals by ensuring easy processing of the home loan.
  • Online loan application facility across-the-counter services
  • New deposits, renewals & repayments on home loans
  • Flexible loan repayment options
  • Free & safe document storage.

SBI Home Loan Eligibility

Home loan eligibility calculator supports the individual in finding the desired loan depending upon their net salary and amount of loan required along with interest rate from home loan eligibility calculator SBI.

  • The rate of interest along with loan tenure in years
  • Monthly or yearly premium payments based on the individuals choice
  • Reduction of interest or yearly reducing interest.
  • Monthly take-home salary.
  • Current instalment on existing loan
  • Monthly take-home salary of co-applicant
  • Press “calculate”.
  • The individuals can get details about the procedure from Loan Eligibility calculator.
  • The display of Calculated Loan Eligibility Amount along with interest rate for the loan period.

Home loan EMI calculation

EMI is calculated to reduce the burden on the individuals who avail home loan by paying on regular instalments. It is based on the loan availed by the individual and the interest on the loan. It is calculated as the amount is paid within the loan period or tenure. Individuals who avail home loan at a cost of Rs.3000000 should pay interest of 10.5% for 20 years. EMI depends on the Loan amount, Tenure, Interest rate of the home loans. The interest rate is divided into two types. They are Floating and Fixed.

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