Here’s What You Can Do To Reduce The Chances Of Electrical Fires At Home

Electrical issues are rampant worldwide and are responsible for house fires, deaths, injuries, and financial damages. Electrical shocks are other alarming hazards that can cause death due to heart failure or nerve damage.

These fires from electrical appliances generally start from bedrooms, vacant spaces, and attics. Things that catch fire easily are cable insulations, electrical wires, and loose cables, and structural framing.

Clearly, electrical safety is mandatory to avoid the dangers of fire burns and asphyxiation or smoke inhalation. But let us first start with the reasons behind electrical fires.

Reasons Behind Electrical Fires


Faulty Electrical Fixtures

Using outdated electrical outlets or appliances and old and worn-out cords or switches can start a fire through combustible things like curtains, rugs, clothes, wood, etc.

Another cause is using a bulb or a tube light with excessive wattage. The recommended amount should always be checked.

Excessive Use Of Extension Cords

These should be used as a temporary device, not permanently relied on. One plug serving multiple electrical outlets can burden the wattage and cause a fire. Instead, new plug points should be installed.

Heating Appliances

Coiled heaters, gas stoves, and other heating equipment can become too hot when overused or ignored. If they are too close to combustible surfaces, they can cause a deadly and uncontrollable fire.

Radiator type heaters are better than the coiled ones, although they too pose a risk if over-utilized.

Defective Wiring

If the wiring is outdated or too old, it won’t be capable of handling modern electronics like computers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc. It will cause your circuits to overload and the connectors to stop working, causing massive fires.

Sheer Carelessness

Reasons like forgetting things on the stove, leaving appliances on, and getting your electricals wet are common but disastrous issues that many go through every day.

While we may take these actions for granted with low Killeen Electricity Rates, this can be damaging to the safety of the house as it leads to catastrophic accidents.

Tips To Prevent Electrical Fires At Home

Electrical fires at home can be life-threatening and cause damage to life, property, and finances. Take these precautions to avoid the damage:

Keep All Electronics Dry

Electricity plus water and moisture is a deadly combination that could result in electrocution. Dropping an electronic device in water can be fatal, and using a wet appliance can be equally deadly.

Keep Electrical Outlets Safe And Out Of Reach Of Children

Kids love to poke their fingers into empty sockets. You can cover them with holders and TRR – Tamper Resistant Receptacles. One plug-point and one device should be the norm, and you must avoid over-using extensions.

Using The Right Fixture In The Right Electrical Place

Installing bulbs, tube lights, and lamps with a much higher wattage into low electrical points can be hazardous and ignite a fire instantly.

Surge Protectors In Case Of Fluctuating Power Supply

Refrigerators, heaters, and air conditioners can cause havoc in the case of electricity fluctuations. They need to be stabilized using surge protectors to avoid mishaps.

Check Worn Out, Frayed, Or Scattered Electrical Wires

Constant upkeep of electric wires is necessary as old and dilapidated cables can cause an electrical mismatch. Plus, someone can trip over a dispersed wire or a cable, so consider stowing them away neatly.

Avoid Short Circuits And Electricity Tripping

Don’t ignore circuit breakers, constant fuse, or overloading. This could lead to a bigger and more severe accident in the future or permanent damage to electrical wires and appliances.

Let Experts Do Their Jobs

You may be tempted to sort electrical repairs on your own to save a few dollars. However, the DIY approach can be damaging in the long run.

An expert has the experience, tools, and knowledge to do the job right without the risk of any safety hazards. It’s best to always seek the services of an expert, even if it means spending extra money on it.

Use Officially Certified Electrical Products

Counterfeit products will only increase the risk of electrical accidents at your home. Check for authenticated electrical devices and tools.

Get A Professional Electrical Safety Inspection Done

An inspection and risk assessment of electrical safety should be conducted every five years at minimum to check the internal and external wiring system.

The assessment will point towards any red flags, if at all, and help you take corrective measures in time. This will maintain the well-being of your family and home and give you some peace of mind.

Check Smoke Detectors And Fire Extinguishers

Smoke and fire detectors, along with fire extinguishers, are a must for protection against preventable accidents. With sensors and alarm systems, it becomes easier to nip the problem in the bud.

Unplug Electrical Devices When Not In Use

Most of us leave chargers, TVs, laptops plugged in even when not in use. This could be lethal in case of a misconnection in electricity and lead to house fires, short circuits, or electric shocks.

Use Grounded Power Cords

This means adding a third prong to already existing two-prong power cords. The third prong, known as the grounded power cord, provides safety and security, especially during power surges and fluctuations.

Follow Instructions Diligently

To prevent malfunctioning of appliances and electrical fires, you must read the warning and directions given on the label of each electronic bought.

Update And Upgrade The Electrical System At Home

Avoid using age-old electrical connections and continuously maintain and modernize the electrical system at home to avoid accidents.

Always Check The Levels Of Carbon Monoxide

Anything that burns carbon material can release carbon monoxide gas, which is dangerous and poisonous to breathe. Detectors should be employed around the house to check the levels.

Practice Safe Habits

You can practice the following easy habits regularly to keep your home safe from electrical accidents:

  • Be extremely careful with burning candles.
  • Avoid smoking inside the house.
  • Establish escape routes for emergencies.
  • Everyone in your home, especially children, should be properly trained on using electrical appliances, gas, and power equipment.
  • Keep emergency numbers ready.
  • Cooking should not be left unattended.
  • Keep flammable and combustible substances away from the cooking area and electrical plugs and switches.


Let us not take managing electrical systems at home for granted as the life and security of our loved ones and our finances are at stake.

You can avoid accidents related to electrical fires at home and bring down your Philadelphia Electricity Rates by following the above-mentioned tips and techniques.

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