Here is how to use relationships to attract and retain customers in a competitive Niche

Winning over customers consistently AND keeping them happy is the lifeblood of any business. However, many businesses struggle with maintaining this important balance. Here are ways to attract and retain customers in a competitive niche.

Be Honest and Professional


An honest and professional reputation does not only help with winning over new customers,it also helps you beat the competition and build your customer base. By having the client’s best interest in mind and being honest, a solid relationship can be found between client and company. Customers want to feel assured that they are receiving the best available service – and this can’t be done where honesty is absent.

Show Some Corporate Personality

Our century is an increasingly corporate century – with businesses and innovators popping up daily, it is important to give yourself and your brand a corporate identity. The reign of garish graphics and terminal-font websites is over. With real life and technology beginning to blend – forging into a common experience for mankind, so are our interest evolving. We like punchy statements and bright colours. Most us of look out for interactive visual experiences, powerful HD video clips among others.  Who says your customer will not feel fuzzy and warm inside upon receiving a happy birthday or Christmas postcard from your company? Of course, they will.  Our visual and emotional expectations are at an all-time high. Design an image for your customers to associate with whenever they walk into your shop and make that very unique. When you create amazing experiences for your customers, they will certainly want to come again.

Be consistent

A company may have amazing products but clients will lose faith if it doesn’t produce consistently. A company needs to provide top-notch services to accumulate repeat clients.

A company earns the trust of its customers by being consistent. Ensure customers get the same great quality over and over again whenever they buy your product. No matter the focus of your business, make sure you provide steady and reliable services.

Developing a strong relationship with your customers helps with your consistency efforts. Sharing in their moments, following up and getting feedbacks from them helpyou know what they want and deliver consistent services whenever you are called.

Build a brand

We are in an age when customers don’t just buy a thing –they go for brands. Building a reputable brand creates a strong impression for your company and helps attract customers to your services.  Creating a brand is sometimes financially involving – especially for start-ups. The good thing is, in the UK start-ups can build and expand their brands by keying into business opportunities available in the public sector.  SMEs can land public sector contracts which help them with the needed resources to establish their brand both at local and international level.

Be Genuine

If we create space where we are the innovators, the kind service people and the educators, we are the go-to-people for satisfaction and answers.  Cheap prices and good advertising don’t hurt, but much more is needed to make a customer happy. Always make sure you are the person ready to close the deal. Try not to place bait everywhere wishing someone bites the line

Add humor to your interactions. A very robotic, stern manner is not conducive for attracting repeat customers. Nowadays, more than ever, people crave genuine human compassion.

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