Green Entrepreneurs-5 Businesses That Benefit the Environment

There’s a misconception that a business can be either lucrative or eco-friendly. Numerous businesses have made their fortune on the exact opposite idea. Environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important to people, especially to millennials. This means that there’s a market for products and services provided by businesses who take great pains to minimize their negative effect on the environment.

In the long-term, these businesses also save money on energy consumption, transport, and numerous other expenses. When you add these up, it’s quite clear that being green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good as a business model.

Construction materials


It used to be a given that any construction project is harmful to the environment and inevitably increases your carbon footprint. This is no longer true because numerous businesses have started providing sustainable building materials. Timber (preferably recycled one) could be used as a substitute for steel. Concrete is often reinforced with bamboo bars instead of the steel ones, whereas geotextiles are made from crops and therefore are completely biodegradable. Plastic is still used because it’s versatile, but it’s always recycled and constructed in a manner which allows for further recycling.

Gadgets recycling

Nowadays, every person has more than a few gadgets, phones, and tablets they don’t use. These are hard to recycle because it requires a lot of technical knowledge. That’s why most don’t bother and just keep a box of discarded gadgets. However, there’s money to be made here. Sometimes it’s enough just to provide the pickup and transport of the gadgets to a facility which can recycle them. When the business grows the entire process from collecting to recycling and selling could be done within the same company.

A wind farm

The key environmental issue of the day is finding and switching to alternative energy sources. Among these wind power is the cleanest and safest choice. Starting a local wind farm could prove to be a long term business endeavor. Before getting into it’s crucial for geotechnical engineering professionals to determine whether a location you’ve chosen is suitable for this business. If that is the key the best course of action is to make a deal with a local electricity distributor because distribution networks are expensive to establish. Wind farms are also eligible for government grants and subsidies which could really help a small business get things off the ground.

Bicycle repair

Bicycles are taking over large cities. They are a healthier means of transportation and they don’t have a carbon footprint. Also, using bikes instead of cars takes up much less space and makes the city a lot safer. That’swhy there’s a rising demand for more bicycle repair, the only problem is how to separate your business from all theothers doing the same or a similar thing. That’s where modern communication technology comes to mind. Using apps to easily find and access customers makes the whole process more convenient and faster. Also, providing the whole service, from picking up the broken bicycle and returning it when it’s done will probably get the attention of customers as well.


There are a lot of businesses which want to change their companies’ policy and become more eco-friendly, either for PR purposes or because they actually believe there’s a need to do so. Eco-consultants help businesses find the way to make the necessary changes. It should be a person who understands both the scientific facts behind environmental problems and the way businesses operate from within. Often, hiring an eco-consultant result in saving a significant amount of money as well.

Eco-businesses will continue to grow as the environmental concerns are becoming pressing more than ever. By doing or starting a business on your own, you’re not only making a good career choice but you are helping the planet as well.

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