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How to Avail of an Immediate Loan: Guaranteed Cash in One Hour

Many people have gone through a time when there is an unexpected expense and money is needed immediately, but they’re just short on cash. This financial dilemma can be solved through a short-term cash loan.  This immediate loan, a smart financial solution, is essentially a cash advance that can be paid back next payday. Most lenders who offer this type of loan promise borrowers that they can get cash on the same day, and even get cash in one hour.  This is ideal for people whose monthly budgets just fell a little bit short because of a sudden financial need, such as a medical expense, a last-minute gift, or a sudden family emergency.


If you are within the vicinity of Anaheim, you can avail of a cash loan where the money is given in as short as one hour.Getting cash in one hour has never been easier.  Borrowers can do this in two ways.  The first way is to personally drop by the office and bring a valid ID and proof of income.  The second option is online application.  Once you have submitted the required documents, you will immediately get feedback whether the loan is approved or not.  There is no need to wait in line and no complicated paperwork is needed.  The online application form takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

The amount of the immediate loan is not fixed and is determined by the borrower’s annual salary and amount of debt.  Also, each state has a maximum loanable amount for payday loans, as this is called.  In California, the maximum amount that can be borrowed is $300.00.

Whether you opt to apply for an immediate loan in person or online, there are requirements that you must present and these are a government issued identification card and proof of a steady source of income.  A borrower must also meet certain criteria such as being an American citizen or at least a permanent US resident, and being at least 18 years old.  Just meet the requirements and the general criteria, and you get assessed for a loan, and get your cash if approved. Most lenders offer different funding options.  The fastest way is to apply directly in the store.  You may get your cash in an hour since they can give it to you right on the spot. If you apply online and get approved immediately, you have the option to stop by any lender’s branch on the same day to get the cash.

The immediate loan has to be paid in 31 days.  Lenders typically peg the terms to increments of 7, 14, and 31 days.  The amount that borrowers need to pay is the principal amount plus the corresponding interest rate. This is really a convenient and fast way to borrow money, and getting cash in an hour is just a great added bonus.

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