Garage 10 Things You Need To Remember Before Getting One

A garage is good for so many things. Parking.A wood shop.Extra storage.Potential lodging. With so many choices, it is imperative to assess the purposes of the garage and the needs that it is meant to fulfill. Before buying a garage, your Brisbane Property Buyers Agent suggests that you consider the following:

Space and Layout?


You have so many options when designing a garage. There are unlimited shapes and sizes that could manifest in the final product. Will it be attached to your home? If you make the garage too big, you will have wasted extra time and money. If the garage is too small, then it is unlikely to fulfill its intended purpose. This garage will take up space on your property, and the space it takes up could be used for something else. Always remember that there is an opportunity cost when building something on your property; you can only fit so much on a plot of land. As for the layout: do what makes sense. Make sure that the design facilitates convenience, safety, ease of mobility, and any other purposes that you deem important.

What Will It Be Used For?

Your garage is there to fulfill a role. What is its purpose? Is the garage primarily going to be used for vehicle storage? Will you want a workbench and power tools out there. Will there be a second floor? Will the second floor be habitable or for other purposes? A garage can be used as a mancave; will the design and structure compliment that? Taking on a project without a clear set of goals and purposes is like taking a boat to sea with no destination. Don’t get lost in stormy weather; make sure you assess your needs and plan accordingly.

Local Climate and Geography:

Temperature, rain, snow, pests, and seismic activity are vital to consider when putting together a garage. If it’s cold, look into heating systems and insulation. If it’s hot, look into ways to keep the garage cool. If you live somewhere that is prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes, make sure that you pick durable materials that are rated for the appropriate natural disasters.

Find an Electrician:

Do not do your own wiring. Well… unless you’re a licensed electrician. Not only can unprofessional wiring be unreliable and inefficient; it can be dangerous too! Fires, shocks, and power surges are the risks associated with cheaping out on legitimate electrical work. Imagine spending all of this time and money building this garage just for it to burn down from faulty wiring. Imagine you or a loved on being seriously injured or killed because you wanted to cut corners and play electrician. There are likely plenty of electricians in your area. Take your pick but remember; quality is paramount.


Material choice has a lot of implications. Certain materials promote a certain aesthetic. A stained wood interior may look rustic and quaint, but are you willing to do any serious work around something so nice? Do you want a simple concrete floor or do you want something more elaborate? Every type of material has its pros and cons. What circumstances should your roof be designed for? Ensure that your choice of material aligns with the overall function of the garage.

Fire Safety:

You may store things in your garage. That’s fine if you bear a few things in mind. Clutter can make it difficult to escape in the event of a fire. A variety of common chemical compounds can damage your body and even combust! Discarded rags may be covered with chemicals that are just waiting to catch fire with a simple spark. Ensure that your garage has reliable means of entry and exit in the case of any danger.

A Garage Is Still Indoors:

It may seem like common sense but it is worth mentioning. Many accidents have come about due to people acting like their garage is outside. For example; if you were to grill in the garage on a chilly day, you could very well get carbon monoxide poisoning. Dealing with solvents on your workbench could cause severe respiratory damage without proper ventilation. That space heater could kill you quick in a box with limited oxygen. While grilling and working with solvents may be fine outside, they are not safe in the confines of an enclosed room. When designing your garage, be sure to adapt its setup to the activities that you anticipate doing. It’s better to spend a few more bucks on proper ventilation than to spend time in a hospital.

Entrances and Windows:

How many entrances should there be? Where would those doors lead? Why would those doors bring you there? Like everything else that makes up your garage, put a lot of thought into the number and placement of your entrances. Too few may be a fire hazard. Too many could decrease energy efficiency and be a security risk. Similar considerations should be made when thinking about windows. They can be easier to break into than doors. They also generally let out more energy. Different styles of doors and windows have differing degrees of energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetic quality.

Garage Doors:

There are many different types of garage doors to choose from. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. A sectional garage door is easy to maintain and customize. Side-hinged doors have an old-school look to them and automation is optional. Side-sliders require little maintenance and are relatively simple to install. Some garage door styles are cheaper than others. After choosing a style, there is still much to consider. What color should it be? What kind of material. Cost, aesthetic, and structural performance must all be weighed against one another when determining what exactly you want in a garage door.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

A garage costs money. Be prepared and don’t skimp. That doesn’t mean that you need to make the most grandiose garage ever, but it does mean that you should be spending enough to avoid cutting corners. After all, why spend money on something that may be unsafe or insufficient? Always assume that it will cost a little more than you expect. You can budget a little extra with that in mind.

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