Five Ways to Get Extra Cash Tips for survival in a tough financial climate

Make more money? It isn’t possible you say. I work hard and I get nowhere! Well that may be superficially true but if you – either by yourself or even better with the active help of your partner and (where relevant) your entire family unit got together and looked at some of the totally legal and above board ways there are of improving your finances, then you might be totally surprised at what is indeed possible. These are just a few tips on here but there are so many out there with a little research. The best advice is not to take the first scheme you read about but make a list and see what suits your particular circumstances.

Tip One:  A dollar saved…..



We don’t think that anyone can argue about this. If you can save by cutting expenditure, that’s by far the easiest way of improving your lot. Be ruthless – make a rigorous note of everything you spend money on and divide it into Essentials, Desirables and Luxuries. Start working on the third column and see what might go – smoking, too many drinks, fast food, opting for DVDs rather than first-run movies. You could be pleasantly surprised at how much extra you have “made”.

Tip Two: Become an odd-job man (or woman)

There are on line sites where you can advertise your proficiency at various tasks such as making videos and animations, mending computers, translations, copy typing and so on.  You could also advertise in local websites, free papers and so on. Getting an extra income stream will make your life much easier. If you have a car, licence and insurance, you could even become a cab driver with Uber if they are in your locality.

Tip Three: Are you sitting on a gold mine?

Just remember that the things that you may regard as cluttering up your house may be in great demand by your friends and neighbors. Are you hoarding pictures up in the attic or baseball or football cards and programs that some sports-mad kid (or his dad!) would give his left arm for. Get it out and start arranging a garage sale.  And it isn’t just the souvenirs from yesteryear that sell –  have you got electronic items such as smart phones, tablets, computers or game consoles rotting in a desk drawer or the back of a closet?  There is a great and potentially lucrative market for unwanted electronics, even if they are damaged,  by selling them online.

Tip Four: Share your skills

Do you have knowledge that you could share or teach to others – such as high school or college students?  Can you coach languages? Can you teach the piano or the violin – or even cookery. For every teacher, there are many potential pupils waiting.

Tip Five: For instant cash boost now…

Turn to car title loans whereby you can raise up to $20,000 in an hour on your car dependent on its age and condition.

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