Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

HDFC Bank offers several interesting and beneficial reward point schemes to its credit card holders. It’s fun! You can redeem your reward points for cool stuff – airline tickets, consumer products, gift vouchers and more. Here’s all the info you want on HDFC credit card reward points.

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

First, The Basics


  • You will earn reward points each time you use your HDFC credit card. Your reward point eligibility depends on the kind of HDFC credit card you hold – Silver, Gold, Platinum and so on.
  • You can redeem your reward points at any time, as long as you have accumulated 500 or more points.
  • You cannot club reward points from multiple HDFC bank credit cards. Each card’s points must be redeemed individually, though you can claim against multiple cards at the same time.
  • You can redeem your reward points for gift vouchers, airline miles or consumer goods.

How To Redeem Reward Points Online

  1. Evaluate your accumulated reward points; do you have 500 points? If so, you’re ready to redeem them.
  2. Log in to your credit card on the HDFC bank portal and click the Credit Cards option on top.
  3. You’ll have to register your credit card for the rewards program. Click the Register New Card link to do so. Remember, you’ll need your credit card’s PIN number for this process.
  4. After your credit card is registered, click the Redeem Reward Points link
  5. The Online Redemption page opens; click the Redeem Reward Points link.
  6. Select the number of points you want to redeem from the Points Range drop-down list.
  7. Click Item Category to view the rewards catalogue
  8. Select the items you want and add them to your Shopping cart
  9. If you’re satisfied with your cart, click the Redeem link to proceed. Your HDFC credit card reward points Redemption Order Number will be displayed on screen.
  10. Call HDFC customer service and request for a Rewards Point Redemption Form and Rewards Catalog.
  11. Browse the catalog and select the items you want.
  12. Fill out and sign the redemption form.
  13. Post both to your HDFC branch
  14. Your selected items will be posted to your registered address within 10 to 15 working days

How To Redeem Reward Points Through Post

HDFC’s FasTrac Points Redemption

If you want to buy an item that costs more than your accumulated reward points, you can use the FastTrac option.

  1. Download the Redemption Form and print it out
  2. Browse the Rewards Catalog for FastTrac items
  3. Select the items you want and indicate the item numbers and the amount in the Redemption Form
  4. Sign the form, authorizing HDFC to debit the amount in excess of reward points to your credit card

Note that if you choose this option, the amount debited to your credit card will be treated as a retail purchase.

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