Easiest Investments that Have Amazing Returns if You’re an Influencer

As an influencer, you should start getting into the habit of thinking of your platforms as a business, because that’s certainly what it is. Many influencers fail to grow and survive in the digital world because they fail to see that, essentially, their platforms are businesses and their followers are their customers, and they need ways to appeal to them and to keep constantly growing. That’s why you need to learn how to effectively think about your job as running a business, and you’ll have to find areas where you can successfully invest your time and money in.

Invest Your Time in Doing Market Research


Market research is vital if you want to stay afloat for an extended period of time. Look at YouTube for example, can you name some of the big names you’re most familiar with? Chances are the creators you mention have changed their presentation style and content a lot over the years. How do they do that? Change is usually scary and dangerous. That’s why it is untenable to change how you make your content randomly without prior research, that’s too dangerous and might lose you a lot of followers and subscribers.

So, how do you know how to effectively update your style and keep up with the trends? That’s easy, using market research. Market research isn’t just for selling merchandise successfully, although it is really apt for that job, but, it can also be successfully used to market new content and styles. Successfully investing the time in researching your viewers, learning their demographics, and analyzing their viewing patterns to learn how to successfully market your new approach to them.

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Invest In Collaborations

You need to find some way to expand your base and reach out to new people. Of course, you might get lucky and get featured on your platform, but this is exceedingly rare, and with the propagation of more and more influencers, it’ll only get rarer. Another way to do it is by paying money to ads and mentions on Google, YouTube, etc. This might be an effective way to grow your channel, but it takes a lot of money to get things going.

One of the best ways to ensure a wave of new people gets exposed to your content regularly is by doing collaborations. This isn’t easy – you need to spend considerable time and, even, money trying to build connections in the community. Without these connections, it would be impossible to sustain this model for long.

Learn How to Use New Tools and Techniques

AI is the hottest thing in tech right now, automation is talked about on the national and international stage, in the next few years to come, one thing is for certain, we’ll keep relying on technology more and more to automate the menial jobs. That’s why it is paramount for you to try to keep up with the release of new tools and technologies that will allow you to become a better influencer. Certainly, there is no shortage of them. Take Fourth Wall – fourthwall.com for example – it is an exciting new startup that lets you manage your platform better, interacts with your followers directly, and automatically creates an e-commerce store to sell your merchandise. It is a tool that lets you diversify your income, and with it, you’ll be to set up a successful e-commerce platform right away, while, normally, it would’ve taken you a month. This is only one example, and there are countless others, you just have to find the tools that work best for you and use them to augment your content.

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