Do’s and Don’ts of using Credit Cards

In this technology generation most of us are interested in technical aspects. Instead of carrying lots of money with us it is better to carry credit cards. As now a days we can find ATM machines in all most all the centers. Even some collages are providing Credit card facility as they are especially designed for students usage. First any person should think of his/her financial status whether he can manage the amount or not. If you know completely about Credit card usage and its functionality, then only you have to use credit cards.

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Do’s of using Credit Cards


  • Do better know all the details about using credit cards. w\Without knowing proper functionality of its usage it is very risk to go with credit cards.
  • Make wise decisions for buying any products. For instance, if you are interested in buying any product through EMI option, it is better to go with using credit cards as the rate of interest is very less and through EMI we have to pay some amount of interest. To avoid interest we can choose credit cards.
  • Credit cards have some certain amount of purchase and cash limits. We have to maintain only 30% of this limit.
  • Try paying your dues within the due period. If you miss to pay many times you will be blacklisted and further it might be difficult for getting loans. To avoid this try paying within time limit.
  • Go through your statement details regularly. Then only you will come to credit card status and your monthly payment.

Don’ts of using Credit Cards

  • Don’t go for credit card without knowing proper details.
  • Maximum avoid credit card for everyday purchases like food, clothing etc. It is better to use debit card instead of credit cards.

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