From shopping to watching movies: Decode the benefits of DigiSmart credit card

Shopping, movies, dining and travelling can add spice to the lives of people. But what is spicier is the fact that now, people can avail exciting offers while spending. With the help of the DigiSmart credit card, one can add numerous surplus to his/her expenses, which could be in the form of points, rewards, voucher, discounts and even cashback. So, make a room for the discount with the help of DigiSmart credit card or movie card India and use it for more fruitful dining. Needless to mention, this card can be used for all the offers you could possibly avail.

What is a DigiSmart Credit Card?


A DigiSmart Credit Card is launched by the Standard Chartered with an aim to enhance the lifestyle of the people by offering a host of benefits. These benefits can be enjoyed across all the e-commerce platforms including travel, shopping, entertainment and so on. Hence, it is one such card that can add benefits to your cart irrespective of the expenses. The best part is, you can enjoy these offers without waiting for festivals and important days since these can be availed all year long.


DigiSmart credit card allows users to enjoy benefits all year long. Source: Paisabazaar

Offers on DigiSmart credit card

Since a DigiSmart Credit card is full of offers and discounts, here are a few most attractive deals that will surely make you use it as a food, travel or movie card India.

INOX Cinemas

The DigiSmart movie card or movie card India provides users with the best offers on INOX cinemas across the country. With the Buy One Get One offer on movie tickets, along with a discount of a maximum of INR 200 per transaction. Moreover, this movie card India one can avail this offer on weekends with two transactions every month.

Offers by Grofers

Grofers is one of the most trending sites for Indian grocery services. When it comes to purchasing grocery essentials along with getting discounts, DigiSmart credit cards can be a good choice. With or without any occasion, one can get 10% off without any minimum purchase value, which is valid for five transactions making up to INR 1,000 discount every month.

Myntra offers

When it comes to fashion, the first name that comes in our mind is Myntra, which is a widely used Indian e-commerce for apparel. Besides fashion, Myntra also includes makeup essentials, home furnishing and gadgets to its stock. Apart from the fact that the site continues offering one or the other offer throughout the year, shopping with a DigiSmart credit card makes it more lucrative for the shoppers. It provides a fair 20% discount with no minimum value of the purchase. This offer can save a maximum of INR 700 and is valid every month.

Zomato offers

Promo codes are greatly admired by the users on Zomato. However, these promo codes are provided with various terms and conditions i.e., a minimum order value. With the help of DigiSmart credit card, one can avail a 10% offer on every order with no spending minimum value. So, save up to INR 150 per transaction and avail the offer 5 times a month.

Yatra offers

To make travelling less expensive, one can avail 20% off on domestic flights (max savings INR 750), 10% on international flights (max saving INR 10,000) and 25% on domestic hotel booking (max savings INR 4,000) via DigiSmart credit card. This offer is valid for bookings made on Yatra.

OLA cabs

DigiSmart credit card also offers 15% cashback up to INR 600 on OLA cab rides.

With the help of these offers, one can indeed save a lot on his daily travelling expenses. Moreover, the allowance of discounts and offers without any minimum spending value is what makes everything convenient for the users.

Salient Features of DigiSmart Credit Card

In addition to the aforementioned offers, these credit cards by Standard Chartered also packs a host of lucrative features, which will help users get better experience every transaction.

‘KuchBhi on EMI’

EMIs have served every individual with great ease of purchasing their favorite stuff irrespective of the price. The DigiSmart credit card also allows users to get anything on EMI having a minimum value of INR 5000. This facility can be availed via the internet or mobile banking.

Contactless payment

The credit card allows users to make contactless payment of up to INR 2,000 at a time, which can be done on the NFC-enabled POS terminals.

Loan facility

Another excellent perk of the DigiSmart credit card is the availability of loan of up to INR 5 lakh with a repayment tenure ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Balance transfer

The users of the DigiSmart credit card can transfer the outstanding balance of any other credit card to save high-interest charges. With this facility, one can also make the payment in small EMIs using the balance on the EMI facility.

It can be said that the DigiSmart credit card can offer a smarter living without any financial burden. Every offer and privilege it provides to the users are unique in itself and designed for saving something on almost everything.

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