Different Types of Insurance Policies Available in India

In India we have different Insurance Policies. When compared to other foreign developed countries what we have is very less but still they are very useful for us. These types will depend on the objectives and our requirement. Life Insurance is purely safe and secured. Investment is will help in financial planning also. Different Types of Insurance Policies that are available in India and its objectives are also provided below for reference.

Insurance Policies

Term Planned Insurance


This is basic type of insurance which there will not any kind of special objective. Profit corner is very less in this type of insurance. Premiums will be cheaper when compared to other types of provident funds. Depending on our premium we have to pay once in a month or once in three months and risk involved is also very less for this type of insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

The name itself indicated that it will cover whole life. The main advantage of this insurance policy is we don’t have to think of other policy as it exists our entire life. All we have to do is we have to pay some amount of regular payments throughout life and later that will be paid to our nominee.

Endowment Insurance Plan

This is somewhat different from other insurance plans. Profits issued are also high as the premium amount is high for Endowment insurance plan. Maturity and death will have same scenario and profits will show best outcome for out high premiums.

Money Back Policy

This is best type as most of us will prefer as we have money back facility. There will be some amount of premium that we have to pay for every month or for every three months. Depending on this premium amounts we will get some amount back for regular intervals.

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