DHFL Home Loan Interest Rate

Individuals who dream for own house can make the dream reality from DHFL. The DHFL Home Loan is transparent and flexible for individuals. Depending upon the individuals need home loan availability is grouped into constructing house, renovation or purchase of house.

dhfl home loan



  • Customers are pleased by knowing the benefits of availing home loan.
  • Salaried Individuals & self-employed professionals
  • Prepayment option.
  • Hassle frees Process.
  • Avail Loan sanctioned on the property cost up to 85%.

Salaried employee documents:

  1. Complete Application Form,
  2. Residence Proof, Identification Proof,
  3. Salary Proof, Last 3 months Salary slip or Salary Certificate,
  4. If Salary is above 10000 per month than Latest Form 16
  5. Bank statement from 1 year
  6. Property Documents with Map

Self-employee documents:

  1. Residence Proof, Identification Proof, Business Proof
  2. Brief Business Profile on the letter head
  3. Copy of Shop & Establishment License
  4. VAT Registration or any other mandatory license
  5. Copy of Partnership deed Details of Contract
  6. Profit & Loss Account attested by Accountant
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Form 16 /Tax deduction certificate
  9. Property Documents with Map

Interest Rate:

The interest rate for home loans is different for individuals depending on the portfolio. Customers who opt for a home loan up to Rs. 15lacs with an interest as 10.75%. The DHFL Home Loan Interest Rate is nominal for all the classes. The individuals claim for Rs. 15lacs to Rs. 30lacs with an interest of 11%. The interest rate is 11.50% for Rs. 31lac to Rs. 75lacs. The interest rate for Rs. 75lac and above is 12% with no processing fee. The prepayment charge for loan amount is 1%.

Age and loan amount:

Customers go crazy to avail home loan from DHFL as the prepayment charge is same for both salaried and self-employed professionals. The loan amount offered for both salaried and self-employed individuals is Rs. 50000000. The age limit for salaried employees is upto the retirement period from services. The age limit for business professionals is upto 65 years or retirement period which is earlier to the customer.

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