Debt to Equity Ratio Analysis, Calculate Formula & Examples

One can calculate the debt to equity ratio in order to evaluate the liabilities of a company. The objective of it to determine the liabilities of the shareholder and one can find the number on the financial statement. The ratio is important to find out the financial leverage of a company. The ratio is mostly used in the corporate sector. Through the debt to equity ratio is to determine the company’s financial operation. This depends on the ability of the shareholder of the company. One can find the date to equity ratio on the company’s financial balance sheet. It needs equity of the shareholder that is deducted from the liabilities. You will find it rearranged on the balance sheet.

A balance sheet contains individual account that has no debt that is considered as loan. One can distort the ratio by considering the earning or losses of the intangible asset and adjustment of pension plan. In order to know about the debt to equity you need to do a lot of research. A detailed research is needed to know the internal calculation of the company it will help you to know about the categories of the primary balance sheet. You can improve the calculation of the short term leverage, growth expectation, and profit by the analysis of the debt to equity ratio.

How to Use Excel Sheet to Calculate Debt to Equity Ratio?



Business analysts use different types of financial metrics to calculate the debt to equity ratio. In that case, MS Excel offers a number of templates as for example, debt ratio worksheet. It is considered as a plat form to do the financial calculation. The Excel sheet also easy to use to the new businessman and one can easily calculate the debt equity ratio of the business. It will help to understand the investment opportunity and one can calculate without any aid template. In order to calculate the ration on the Excel sheet you need to follow a particular formula and that in B2/B3.

Importance of Debt to Equity Ratio:

The debt to equity ratio evaluates a company’s debt that is relative to the asset that the company owns. A high debt ratio often depends on the net value of the company’s asset. I t denotes that the company’s leverage of the company. If the leverage increases with the increase of the asset of the company and it also increases the earning. However, the cost of the debt is increased then the income of the company is generated.

The cost of the debt widely varies on the market condition. The cost debt varies with the market condition and this is the reason borrowing is unprofitable. The change of long term debt and asset has a long term impact on the debt to equity ratio. If investors want to evaluate the company’s leverage the debt evaluation has to meet obligation that can be paid with every year.

Characteristics of Debt to Equity Ratio:

When you want to grow a business then you need require a lump sum capital. The business needs money to launch product. The capital is needed to employ the employees, expand the business, and the service customers. There are numerous ways one can use in order to raise capital. The ways have separate impact on the company the capital raising will help to increase the pace of the company. Now, debt to equity is considered as the most common way to raise the capital for the company.

Leverage of the Company:

Leverage implies to the finance that the company borrows from any organization. In case of debt to equity the debt is the primary thing a company finances the business. This is the reason it is considered as highly leveraged. The debt to equity ratio always goes higher as it depicts that how capital is used to increase the business. The debt to equity ratio is simple and shows how capital is raised in order to run the business. It is an important financial metric as it denotes the stability of the farm. It also helps to grow the capital for the company.

When it comes to small businesses, the ratio comes to the picture when then you can applied for the loan. The debt to equity talks about the money lenders it terms of stability of the business. When it comes to investors, the debt to equity ratio is something that is required to stay aware while investing money on something.

The Concept of Debt:

The concept of debt lies in the amount that is borrowed as fund for the business. Generally the money is borrowed from the bank or any other organization. The money lender lends the fund as the capital for the business. The interest for the loan is paid in the regular interval. As a business owner you need asset to get a hefty amount as business loan.

The Concept of Equity:

The equity of the company implies to the security of the ownership interest. You need to put ownership as your asset. The asset implies to the property, car, etc. as to get the loan. When the company uses equity it shares the debt and it also uses the finance. A good debt equity ratio needs to be 1 to 1.5. The ideal ratio depends on the industry. The total liabilities depend on the company’s debt. The shareholder’s equity calculated by the subtraction.

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