Buying Bullion Will Safeguard Your Financial Future

As far back as we’ve made trades and exchanges, certain metals have always had immense value to humans. Gold and silver bullion were used in economic transactions and functioned as investments for long-term thinkers who wanted stable futures. With the dissolution of the gold standard during the 1930s, money became disconnected from its value and thus created different dangers in relation to inflation. However, metals still carry a lot of weight for investors, especially those who are interested in maintaining stable and consistent markers of of value while also creating a safety net for their futures.

When you use bullion as a hedge against inflation, you diversify your investments portfolio with zero counter-party risk. Interestingly, through the financial crisis of 2008, stocks, bonds and real estate fell tremendously in value, while gold went up by around 32% per year. As one can see, investing in gold is an excellent idea in case the market falls and traditional investments suffer. Precious metals are negatively correlated against traditional portfolios in this way: they’re like a safe haven from the risk of inflation. When the going gets rough, they actually increase in value, meaning that to invest in physical gold in RRSP with Guildhall Wealth is to protect portfolios and safeguard the well being of your family.

Buying Bullion

Not only that — there are other metals that also stabilize value. Silver, for instance, is often overlooked even though it is affordable for the everyday investor and can provide you with excellent protection. Investing in silver from Guildhall Wealth has no counter party risk as well, and there are hundreds of uses for it, including in industrial settings, making it a virtually foolproof investment. In many ways, these metals are immune to the market’s mood swings and march to their own beat. This is a great quality for those interested in diversifying their investments.

Individuals and families aren’t the only ones who run to gold when the economy is terrible and things are looking dismal. The war in Syria and instability in the Middle East means that entire nations sometimes decide to place their most important investments in gold to hedge their bets and assist in stabilizing their economies. The world over, political instability is threatening wealth and economic prosperity. Precious metals are the best strategy to try and counter that threat.

If prominent investors and nations do it, the average investor ought to take heed as well. Buying bullion from expert investment managers such as those at Guildhall Wealth is a great opportunity to nurture one’s growing wealth and ensure that it doesn’t fluctuate with the dips and crashes common to our contemporary market. When you know that your future, the future of your children, and maybe that of your grandchildren as well is safe from the kind of hardship that can destroy lives, you can sleep well at night. Keep everything you’ve worked for secured against global fluctuations and maintain thewealth of your home. Consider investing in gold today; it could be the best decision you ever make.

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