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Binary options trading has become a huge hit over the last few years, with more and more people opening their trading accounts every day. The main principle of this type of trading could not be any simpler – all you have to do is guess whether an asset’s price will go up or down. And that’s it! However, you can’t trade binary options without signing up with one of numerous binary options brokers and this article will help you find the right one. There are many things you should look into before you make your choice, so sit back and invest a couple of minutes of your time into this article. It can help you a lot!

Binary Options Brokers | Information sources


First of all, if you don’t know where to start looking, there’s no need to worry. Specialized websites dedicated to reviewing top binary brokers can help you narrow your choices down. Here you can usually find detailed reviews of the companies, as well as many helpful tips and educational articles which can help you develop your trading skills. Everything is written by people who have been a part of the trading industry for quite a while, so you can be sure you’ll get the right information every time. Take your time and explore things here because, as we have already said, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration when you’re choosing your trading partner. What do we mean? Well, keep reading and you will find out.

Binary Options Brokers | Security

Obviously, when you’re doing stuff with your money online, you have to be 100% sure everything is completely safe. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check if your prospective broker is regulated by any financial authority. If they are, they will have a license from that authority to prove it. Regulated binary options brokers have passed all tests when they were examined by a regulatory body and the license is the proof they conduct their business in accordance with the highest security standards. Essentially, this way you get a confirmation from an independent third-party that the broker you’re considering is legit. We’re not saying all brokers who don’t have a license cannot be trusted (quite the contrary, there are many much respected companies that don’t have a license), but it’s nice when you have an official confirmation of a company’s legitimacy. But this is only one thing to consider when examining binary options brokers. Stay with us to see what else sets them apart!

Binary Options Brokers | Trading options

Another thing that sets binary options brokers apart from each other are their trading platforms. You see, not all companies will offer you the same options on the market. For example, some platforms will have approximately 200 assets, others will offer about 100. However, there’s usually an asset index on every website, so you can thoroughly examine your investment options. Maybe you want to get a broker that allows investing in oil or gold, maybe you know a lot about Microsoft’s stocks – check that the broker you’re interested in allows you to invest in your strongest suit.

Another thing you may want to check are trading modes. Yes, although the main principle is very simple, a trading platform can offer several variations of it. All of them offer the classic up/down mode, but you can also find things like One Touch (the price only needs to touch a certain level), social trading (allows you to copy trades from other brokers) etc. After you gain some experience, you may start to prefer one trading mode over the others, so make sure the broker you want to trade with offers it.

Binary Options Brokers | Numbers

But the most important thing you want to examine are, obviously, the numbers. First of all, there’s the minimum deposit requirement. In order to be able to start trading, all binary options brokers will ask you to fund your trading account first and the minimum amount they accept can vary. Some may accept just a few dollars, while others may ask from you a hundred or more. The same goes for the minimum amount you need to invest to open a single trade – some companies will ask only a dollar from you, while others may set that limit to 10$ or more. It all depends what your goals are – low investment means that you can’t expect to win too much, but with higher investments you can win more. This is because every trade has a fixed profit if you get it right (usually about 85%, but often much higher) and this is another thing that can varies from broker to broker. Depending on the asset and the trading mode you choose, your potential payouts will be different. Also, make sure you check the broker accepts the payment methods you want to use: not all credit cards are always accepted and the same goes for online deposit methods.

Binary Options Brokers | Conclusion

Binary options brokers allow you to enter the most popular trading industry in the world, but you have to be aware of the differences between them. Make sure they have the assets that interest you the most, so that you can efficiently utilize your knowledge. Also, keep in mind that different companies may offer different trading modes and you may not like each of them equally. Finally, there’s the financial aspect of trading because financial requirements can also vary, just like the potential payouts you can get if your prediction turns out to be correct. Don’t forget to check the transaction methods too, and learning if your potential business partner has a license can also play a major role. All this information can easily be acquired on the specialized websites we mention in this articles, so head on over there and begin your search for your perfect broker now!

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