5 best mutual funds to invest in for SIP amounts as low as INR 500

Systematic Investment Plans(SIPs) are highly preferred these days given its flexible investment options and returns. It facilitates an investor to make investments through monthly installment payments. Every individual works hard to not only meet his regular requirements but also to increase the existing wealth through investments and secure a better future. However, it is not possible for every individual to make an investment by paying a lumpsum amount. SIPs in mutual funds provide investment options to those who are unable/unwilling to make lump sum investments. There are few best mutual funds available in the market where one can make a SIP investment with a minimum amount of just INR 500 per month. Check out the best mutual funds to invest now for a better future for you and your family.

SIPs in mutual funds involve low risks and chances of good returns as one can make investments of small amounts at regular intervals.

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If you too are willing to set your foot in the money market by investing in SIPs in mutual funds, you can opt for any of the mutual funds from the below best mutual funds to invest now provide investments in SIP amounts with as low as INR 500:

SBI Gold Direct Plan-Growth


SBI Gold Direct Plan is a category of mutual funds that provides a long-term capital appreciation allowing an investor to make SIP investments starting from INR 500. The expense ratio of this fund is only 0.12%, which is very low. The risks involved in this are moderately high but that is worth taking as the last 3-years returns are approximated to be around 14.45%, which is a very positive aspect. The fund size of this plan is around INR 434.13 crores and the category of returns generally varies between 10.6% and 14.5 %. If you are planning to make SIP investments with a low amount, you can definitely opt for this one as there is no doubt of it being one of the best mutual funds available in the market.

Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan-Growth

The Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan-Growth is an equity mutual fund that holds a very strong reputation in the money market and provides both SIP and lump sum investment options. The minimum SIP investment is INR 500 whereas the minimum lump sum investment is INR 5000. The latest update in its NAV(Net Asset Value) is recorded INR 28.59. The fund is currently managed by Shreyas Devalkar and possesses an AUM(Asset Under Management) of INR 11,824 crores. The expense ratio of this fund is 0.60% and it does involve moderately high risks. Although the statistics of this fund are impressive, one should consult with a market expert before making any investment.

HDFC Gold Direct Plan-Growth

As the name suggests, this fund aims at generating returns by making investments in Gold Exchange. The fund holds a good reputation in the market with a huge fund size of INR 329.49 crores. The expense ratio is also eye-catching, being at 0.05%. Although the risks involved in this fund are moderately high, it has been recorded that its 3-years return is around 14.27%, which is undoubtedly quite impressive. If you have a high-risk appetite but wish to start your investments with a low amount, this SIP in mutual funds is an ideal one.

DSP Government Securities Direct Plan-Growth

This fund holds its maximum investment in government securities which makes this a low risk possessing fund. It has a huge fund size of INR 523.32 crores and the rate of 3- years return is 9.28% which is also convincing. The expense ratio of this fund is 0.54% and the NAV is INR 70.7 as per the latest reports. It is a good SIP option for new investors in the market as it records its name among the best mutual funds that are currently available.

Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund Direct-Growth

It holds a fund size of whopping INR 1331.28 crores. The risks involved in this fund is moderate as it majorly invests in banks and PSUs(Public Sector Undertakings). The expense ratio of this fund is 0.23%, which is low and considerable. The 3-years return of this fund is recorded as 9.06%. It is also counted among the best mutual funds available in the market that provide SIP investments of INR 500.

Today, the mutual funds market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. If one wishes to be a part of this market, they can opt for a low amount SIP investments. Yes, there are risks involved but the returns are high and make all the risks worth taking. Make sure to conduct a research on best mutual funds and then make an informed decision. It is better to start early and plan a long term investment so as to reap the maximum benefits out of your preferred mutual funds.

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