5 Things You Need Before You Start Small Business

Did you know that huge business or companies that are now billion dollar company are the starts of as one man army in the initial days of start up? Many businesses who start a small business is now doing much more better than they have anticipated.


It is true that one can start a business with an idea which may be a successor or it can be a failure. What matters the most is that you need to learn the basics on how you can start a new business with a very little investment and a team. Did you know that I have personally seen a couple of friends started their own business one room and now they have one floor with 30 employees are working on their side? so let me give you suggestions which are coming from them.

5 Things You Need Before You Start Small Business



Well encouragement is something everyone recommends, not every business can succeed but starting a business which is small in both revenue and number of people in the team is common but what is important is that to be motivated all the time. A business with an investment does not guarantee success.

Always be motivate and work hard. Working hard with a smart idea is the only way to success.

Start Small With Basic Investment

A Youtuber recently started a Youtube channel in his own room with three things, which are crucial for the idea he wanted to run.

  • A Professional Mic, which has cost himarouind $11.
  • An HD webcam, which has cost him around $15 to $25
  • And a Graphic Card which cost him around $32.

With very little investment, he started his Youtube channel in 2012 and within four months of his videos, his Youtube reached over 100,000 subscribers, the Youtuber made a fortune out of it from Donations, Monetization, and promotions.

The person later on upgraded his room to a professional level from Mic to Gaming PC. The Youtuber I have mentioned here is RiceGum.

What You cannot Afford?

I know there are things which are crucial for you to start the small business then buy used goods. One of the example I can give you here is one of the professional photographers needed a camera so he purchased a used camera using classifieds. When you are in need of an equipment and you have fewer funds then go with the used goods.

Use your Contacts or Build

When are you starting up you need to make sure that you are earning from day one, for that you need some space? Nope, you need contacts who can give you work to work on or if this is the first time then contact the people who need them. You can use many sources from classifieds to the website. It has been proved that Door-to-Door has always worked so why don’t you knock the door of any successful person for suggestions.


When you starting small, remember use any means or contacts to make your small business earn from day one.

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