Becoming A Part Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Cleaning Services Industry

Working in the cleaning services niche is a viable career, particularly if you appreciate having to clean, are structured, and please your clients.

Many people are worried that they won’t make enough money as a cleaner. However, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that grows exponentially each year.

Still, many, if not most, startups have discovered that they can truly generate more revenue from scrubbing offices than people who are just working for someone else.

Multi-Billion Dollar Cleanning Services Industry

Here are some compelling reasons for you to start offering janitorial services for financial gain.

Earning Potential Is Vast


You have the option of promoting your brand as large or as modest and have the chance to do so. Ideally, you would start by offering bids on several offices to get a feel for what works; then, you want to consider making your bids marketable.

Before you begin to bid for chores or projects, please do your research on what other businesses are billing in the geographic area.

Most companies are licensed to offer this service per square foot, so you’ll need to be aware of the square footage of where you are working. You can go and do a single office each day, or more per day if you make more a day.

Money Is Instant

When you begin to look for offices that need a cleaning service, you should be able to find businesses that need a cleaning company right away.

It’s sort of like a labor of love, and you should be able to start getting quotes for any services instantly, too, and also have tasks stacked up for several weeks.

Just within a few months, with recommendations and word of mouth, you will have an overflowing cleaning company that is going to make you money.

Can Begin With Limited Budget

You don’t need all that high-tech equipment inside your office to start your cleaning business. Try getting an assortment of chemicals and buckets, and you’ll be able to begin building up your inventory when you begin to make profits from your jobs.

Be Your Boss

The most significant reason that a person may start a janitorial services franchise is that they are not answering to a manager or a corporate entity.

You are responsible for the benchmarks, the times, and how much you operate. You are in control of your fate, and you are subject to your business practices.

You can determine how many tasks you consider taking on, as well as how much money you make. Also, you control your time—you can politely say no to more work as needed.

Establish Your Hours

When you have your own business, you also control your work hours. If you don’t want to work nights in a healthcare office, you can take on a part-time job as an Office Cleaner, then spend part of the day trying to obtain extra clients.

As the administrator of your daily schedule, you are in full control of your timetable. You choose to take some time off when you need it. You also decide when you wish to work.

Expand Your Horizons

Once your business grows beyond where you need a hand, you can add janitorial services, such as power washing, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, window washing, and other cleaning services.

As you excel with your cleaning operations, your office-cleaning clients will feel comfortable recommending your company to their friends and colleagues.

Because of that, the number of cleaning jobs you have will grow until it’s even more extensive.

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