5 bank home loan interest rates

Customers go for home loans for fulfilling the desire of dream home. Depending upon the interest rate customers choose the bank. In a nutshell here are few banks described along with interest rate.

Benefits of home loan:


  • Construction, purchase and renovation of residential properties
  • Balance transfer of existing home loans.
  • Top-up loan for existing home loan
  • Financial statements of the customers
  • Home loan Transfer
  • Prepayment Charges
  • Insurance Schemes are best in the market
  • Document Storage Facility
  • Transparency and Flexibility
  • Refinance
  • Prompt repayment benefit
  • Customized insurance schemes
  • Instant home loans
  • Pre-approved offers

Transparency and trust are the best features of the bank to the customers who go with bank home loan interest rates along with secured documentation. Stamp duty and Income tax deduction is also offered by various banks. The home loan interest rates vary according to the individual’s portfolio.

Central Bank of India Home Loan

central bank of india

Central Bank offers home loan for construction, purchase and renovation of the house. The processing of loan approval is instant from the Central Bank. The documents for home loan are 3 passport size photographs, identity proof, property tax receipt, statement of bank accounts, signature identification, personal assets, and proof of address for self-employment personals. The Doctors, Teachers, Police Department individuals are grouped in self-employment list. Individuals who go for home loan for an amount of Rs. 20lac to Rs. 30lac should pay Central Bank Home Loan Interest Rate as 10.00%. The customer can avail home loan up to Rs.75lakhs for a period of 10.25%. These include 1% rate of existing users. One can go for furniture, television, home theatre and other appliances from Central Bank of India home loans. Existing property can be offered for home loan along with stamp duty and registration charges. One can go for Easy monthly instalments and can reduce the burden on the pocket. The bank offers an amount of Rs. 985 per month up to Rs. 25lacs. These, include 0.50% of processing fee with a maximum Rs. 50000 loan amount.

ICICI Bank Home Loan

icici bank interest rates

Customers are pleasured to grab home loan package from various banks. The ICICI Bank home loans offers Rs. 2lakhs to Rs. 1crore for salaried and Rs. 2lakhs to Rs. 2crore for self-employed professionals. Salaried employees with an age limit from 21years to 65 years. The income of salaried employees is Rs. 1.44lacs per annum with 1 year experience can avail the home loan from ICICI Bank. The self-employed professionals from 21 years to 65 years with an income of Rs. 1.5lakhs per annum with 3 years experience. The interest rate for home loan from ICICI Bank for Rs. 30lacs is 10.40%. The ICICI home loan interest rate for an amount from Rs. 30lac and above is 10.65%. Customers can opt for free personal insurance policy offered by the ICICI bank home loans. The processing fee for salaried employee and self-employed is 0.5% of loan amount as administrative fee. One can apply online for home loan for instant approval of home loan application. The transparency and trust are the prime motto of the ICICI bank home loans. The privacy of the home loan documents is additional advantage of the ICICI bank.

HSBC Home Loan

hsbc bank interest

Individuals can fulfil the desire of dream home from HSBC Home Loan policy. Instant approval of home loan is the best part of the HSBC. Simple documentation of the customers made customers the best choice of home loan. Loan amount may be varied for normal and smart homes. Normal home loan for a customer to grab home loan up to amount of Rs. 25lac with an interest rate as 9.75% per annum. The customers who opt for HSBC Home Loans for an amount above Rs. 25lakhs to Rs. 50lakhs interest rate is 9.99% per annum. The interest rate for an amount between Rs. 50lakhs to Rs. 150lakhs is 10.10% per annum. Customers are curious to avail loan amount of Rs. 25lakhs with an interest rate as 10.50% per annum. The customers who opt for HSBC Home Loans for an amount above Rs. 25lakhs to Rs. 150lakhs interest rate is 10.74% per annum. One can transfer their loan amount with 100% loan amount from HSBC Home Loan Interest Rate as 9.75% per annum.

Bajaj Finance Home Loan

bajaj finance home loan

Individuals can avail home loan for an amount of Rs. 75lakhs to Rs. 10crores for a period of 25 years with Bajaj Finance Home Loan Interest Rate as 10.60% to 10.90% interest rate. Customers can get refund of loan amount up to 0.5% of the interest paid in a period of first 3 years. There is no prepayment charge after payment of the very first EMI on the home loan amount. The processing fee on personal loan amount is up to 2% to 3% of the loan amount. The customer should pay on each EMI bounce for an amount of Rs. 1000/- with a penalty of 2% per month. Customers who go for a loan amount of Rs. 5lacs to Rs.40lacs should pay an interest on amount from Bajaj Finance Home Loan Interest Rate as 17% to 21% and 2% processing fee and 2% to 4% prepayment charges.

India Bulls Home Loan

india bulls home loan

Home loan can be drawn to purchase, construct or renovate the house or residential flat. The India Bulls Home Loan Interest rate allows the salaried and self-employed personals. Insurance, Abroad tours, and Medical claim option is available on home loan. The customers can go for easy loan repayments. One can avail loan fund from 85% of loan amount. Customers are interested to avail loan amount of Rs. 25lakhs with an interest rate as 10.40%. The customers who go for a loan amount of Rs. 25lakhs and above with an interest rate 11.00% as India Bulls Home Loan Interest Rate. Pursuing home loan is an advantage as one can get tax deduction on paying home loan. The amount of home loan is different and the loan amount of Rs. 10lakhs to Rs. 35lakhs has a processing fee of Rs. 5000 with 12.36% as interest rate. The customers who avail home loan amount of Rs. 35lakhs to Rs. 75lakhs with a processing fee as Rs. 15000 along with interest rate and service tax.

In a nutshell availing home loan fulfills the desire of individual home dream for most of the customers with ease and comfort of loan repayment.

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