A Guide on How to Seek Compensation When Hurt In A Public Place

You are walking down the street, passing by a construction site, when suddenly a brick falls on your shoulder. The pain is immense and you can’t move your hand. The person who was walking behind you comes running towards you and immediately calls an ambulance. You are taken to the hospital and the doctor reveals that it is a serious injury that will leave you incapacitated for two months.

Thinking back on the incident, were there any signs claiming “Danger: Construction Area. Authorised Personnel Only”? If not, then you should get in contact with personal injury solicitors to seek compensation.

What You Are Compensated For:


  • The suffering and pain caused by the damage
  • Loss of earnings (future earnings applicable)
  • Treatment expenses (medical bills)
  • Legal expenses and fees associated with the claim

How to Make a Claim

You will find it easy to make a claim, if you were vigilant after the accident. There are several things that you need to take care of at the time of the accident, so as to be able to collect sufficient evidences to prove your claim.  Your quick thinking will help you get what you deserve. Following are four things that you need to do before making a claim:

1.     Take Note of the Site of the Accident

Taking the same example, where the accident happened out on the street near a construction site. You need to take pictures of the accident. This will be proof that the accident did happen and the company will not be able to sweep this event under the rug, so to speak.

2.     Gather Evidence

Next thing that you need to do is take pictures of the object that caused the accident. Take several pictures from various angles, so that when you are relaying your accident to the injury solicitor, they can build a solid case around it.

3.     Ensure All Parties Are Informed of the Accident

If the owner is not available on site, inform the third party about the accident, so that someone belonging to the construction site knows how the accident took place. As soon as you receive medical attention, make sure to send an email to all the parties involved, so that they are aware about the claim you are about to make.

4.     Gather Witness Information

That person who was walking behind you is the prime witness of the accident. Do not forget to take his number or anyone else’s who had witnessed the accident. You will need to prove your claim with a proof and witnesses, so that the parties involved are not able to declare you as a fraud.

A shoulder injury usually costs $2,800 to $5,000 during the initial treatment. Taking all four points into account on what you should be compensated for, the amount can be as high as $31,000.

When you have gathered all the evidence, call the injury solicitor immediately and set up a meeting. Inform them about the medical treatment you are seeking, so that they can do their own investigation and get the up-to-date medical report, which will then be verified by specialists. As soon as the case is prepared, the party is contacted by your solicitor to inform them about the claim.

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