A Few Tips To Increase Your Garden’s Value

Are you looking to sell your home and want to increase its value before you do it? Well, one of the best ways to achieve this is by improving the look of your garden. A garden that is well designed and properly maintained is a huge plus when it comes to attracting prospects. An appealing garden enhances the look of your home and can increase the value of your home up to 10 percent.

That being said, here are a few tips that can help make your garden look good and ultimately increase the value of your home:

Landscape Gardening

The first thing you may want to consider is getting the advice of an experienced landscaper, particularly if you are planning to make substantial changes to your garden. The expertise can help you create a strategy that will maximize the space you have.

Expect a consultation fee from many of the reputable landscape gardeners. This will, however, depend on the size of your garden, but will usually range between 5 to 15 percent of the value of the project and make it easier to rent or sell. Also, these professionals will create a plan on your behalf, which can be shown to local real estate agents and tell you whether it will increase your property’s value.

Less is Better


When you are planning to sell a property, the potential interests of the prospects should be the primary priority. For a residential home, you will want to maintain a grassy area where kids can play or even a pool where the family can enjoy.  Busy professionals, on the other hand, may require a low maintenance yard. Those with more free time, however, usually prefer gardens with flowers and fruits.

Even so, avoid overcrowding the garden with plants that could put off buyers; those that want a family home and professionals who like it low-maintenance.

Garden Doors

Safety is one of the primary factors that people consider when it comes to buying property. The garden can be an ideal route for thieves as they are usually away from the streets and the main roads. Ideally, many homes have a weaker backdoor compared to the front one. As such, it is advisable composite garden wars to reduce the chances of the house being broken into. 

Decking and Patios 

Everyone likes patios and decks and so, constructing a deck, or a patio will almost certainly increase the value of your home. Ensure you have enough hard surface to host a few chairs and a table and even space where the new owners can enjoy an outdoor party with their friends and family.

You may also consider garden lighting and patio heaters to attract even more buyers. With these in place, the owners can enjoy the outdoors even during the colder months.

Kerb Appeal

If you want to sell your property at the value you want, the first impression of the potential buyer becomes even more important. As such, you cannot afford to overlook the state and look of your front yard.

If you already have a tidy garden, adding a few slow growing plants that don’t require regular maintenance can be an excellent way to add kerb appeal.  A fence to hide ugly wheelie bins is another good idea. All this will help increase the chances of selling your home quickly and even at the price you really want.

An attractive focal point from the road can also really help lift interest and make a home more in demand. A beautiful flower bed in the middle of the garden can help, as well as a nice fountain or water wall – check out these from Luxe Water Walls for ideas.

In regions where parking is at a premium, you may want to consider adding a driveway as this will increase the home’s value. However, you will need to check whether you have enough space and can really afford it.

With these few tips, you can be certain the value of your home will increase and you’ll attract more buyers.


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