7 Essential Things to Know Before You Go On a Long Bike Ride

Going on long bike rides is a part of every biker’s dream journey. You cannot call yourself a true biker if don’t go on a few rugged, beautiful, offbeat bike tours every once in a while. Many people enjoy going on solo trips while others go in groups. You can decide which one you prefer. For both, however, you need a certain amount of preparation. Read on to know more.

Essential checklist for your bike trip


  1. Do some research: Before you begin the trip, remember to conduct appropriate research about the route as well as the destination. Check for any particularly difficult stretch of road, highway regulations, etc. Also, check if you will find a safe parking space for the night. These are important preparations that you should undertake before you leave. 
  1. Invest in proper outfits: You cannot just wear your jeans and t-shirt and leave on a difficult bike journey. You need to invest in proper clothes, as well as protective gear. Look to buy the right kind of pants and shirts. Along with that, get some good jackets and shoes. Helmets, knee guards and other such items should help you along the way, so get carry them on the trip. 
  1. Get a health check: It is extremely important for you to be in a good health condition before you leave. You won’t be able to enjoy, or even complete, the trip if you are unwell. Also, if you get sick suddenly, you may have to use your insurance cover. Check to see what medical provisions your bike insurance policy provides. If they aren’t sufficient, back them up with a suitable health cover. 
  1. Service your bike: You will not get a cover for servicing the vehicle when you buy motor insurance online. However, it is vital to service the bike regularly, more so when you are about to embark upon a journey. Make sure the bike is serviced and working properly before you start. 
  1. Check the tires: Similarly, you need to check the tires very closely. The tires will quite literally take you around, so they need to be fully functional. 
  1. Get ample insurance cover: You need to get the highest level of coverage in the bike insurance policy that you buy. Look for riders that can increase your coverage. You cannot afford to go on a long bike journey without your insurance provider backing you up. And if you are a frequent bike traveller, then do look to customize your plan every time you go in for a bike insurance renewal. This will help you to stay updated and have the best cover at all times. 
  1. Keep the important phone numbers ready: When you buy motor insurance online or choose an insurer after going for bike insurance renewal, you get the contact information of your insurer. Keep this number handy as you may need to call them for queries, to inform about accidents or to ask for Roadside Assistance. Also, keep the phone number of kin, of the police station and ambulance on your speed dial, just to be safe. 

These are some of the most crucial things to do before you embark upon your journey.


It is very exciting to go on a bike journey, but you need to be cautious and do the needful before you leave. Go in for bike insurance renewal on time so that you have good insurance coverage at all times. This is crucial and among the most important things that you should do.

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