6 Ideas for Small Business Digital Marketing

Small businesses don’t always have a marketing team to focus solely on the various platforms available. A few tips can make your digital marketing a success even without a dedicated person. As you grow, consider adding someone to manage the various aspects to continue growing your business.

Social Media


Marketing professionals like Eyal Gutentag understand the value of social media accounts for businesses. Choose one or more to maintain contact with your audience. Regular posts and interaction can help generate leads.

Website SEO

In order to be found on the internet, your website needs to be SEO optimized. You need to know what keywords to use to attract new leads. Regularly searching your keywords can allow you adjust web content to stay optimized. Search engines use these keywords to rank you in search listings. Better SEO optimization means higher rankings. Creating new copy and adding ALT text to your images can all increase your SEO.

Yelp Reviews

Customers still look to Yelp for company reviews. To increase customer reviews on the website, offer discounts to those who check in on the site or other websites/social media accounts. This helps add legitimacy to the reviews.

Blog Posts

Run a blog that targets your ideal customer and focuses on their concerns, needs or interests. Keep the blog focused on your company’s brand, mission and vision. Make it something you can easily maintain such as posts once a week or biweekly. Promote them on your social media feeds to attract a wider audience.

Guest Post

As much as running your own blog can help boost your SEO, guest posting can also increase your visibility. Look for blogs that serve your target audience. Getting your name out in front of them helps boost your brand and attract new leads.

Serve Ads

Tap into your target audience by serving ads to the customers of your competition. Focus on a specific location if you are local. The competition already figured out the target audience allowing you to use their research to further your marketing goals.

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