5 Things Entreprenuer Should Know

Did you know that an entrepreneur skill is what many are lacking? Entrepreneur skills can help anyone think differently and help one from creating something which can be worth thousands of dollars.

That is the passion which has drove an Entrepreneur to create a billion dollar business after selling his million dollar business. That Entrepreneur has created Uber, Which all know as the best cab services in the world. However, no everyone can become an Entrepreneur within a day or two.

Being an Entrepreneur is not a day or two task, Entrepreneur is somebody who starts a business on a small scale and even owns over 10 to 20 business. There are set of skills an Entrepreneur is required, and that thinking can lead a person or a team to success.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, student or a retired person. Everything starts with that one step idea. Let me show you things an entrepreneur is required.

5 Things Entrepreneur Should Know


5. Leave Your House First

This might be a laughing subject, but not many of you know that meeting friends and having a good time do not make you Entrepreneur. A true mark of an Entrepreneur is that he sees opportunity in every move he makes and where ever he goes he looks for an opportunity that can help him and the other grow from his or her products

Look for an opportunity even when meeting a friend then make it better or solve it by your innovative idea or solution and make money from it. That is how an Entrepreneurship works.

4. Plan for Long Term

One of the common mistakes which a new Entrepreneur makes is that they don’t think Long Term, a well-known Entrepreneur said that “I have made many mistakes in my life, but the biggest was not to aim for long term business and ended up looking for another one after starting a couple of years.” What we learned is that to aim for Long-Term, or you might have to start all over again after few years. Find a source or start any business which is not only effective in the market but also the business model works after a decade.

Example: Did you know that Vine App is now shutting down because the business model just does not work for long term. Despite the fact that Vine has made an impact in the online world, people are now losing interest and leaving Vine app.

Create long term and sustainable business. So that you don’t have to job hunt.

3. Learn From Mentors

No matter which year this is, you are in the year of digital life and there is no best option than having a mentor. Inspiration, motivation to do something out of the box and think more innovatively can only be possible when you have a mentor you admire.

We have seen many Entrepreneurs have crossed a mountain of obstacles to overcome the problems. You need a mentor and follow them regular basis. Currently, the qualities of a person can be described by his multiple businesses.

A mentor teaches you more than just motivation but also techniques, issues and what it takes to come to a successful Entrepreneur. Following a mentor can be more effective than learning by a book.

2. Build a Strong Network

An Entrepreneur without a network is good as dead. You hear me! I have mentioned Vine that it is now shutting down because people are leaving vine. Did you know that the people behind the Vine have better plans for themselves? The founders have to build a strong relationship with many influence people that now has come to their aid.

The founders of the Vine app have new plans and goals for themselves because they have leveraged from Vine success and end up building an effective network.

1. Idea

Yeah, now that you have it all what is it that needs? Well, the answer is very simple. Find a problem which can be resolved with your idea then turn that idea into business making the machine. Remember, your solution might be effective, but sometimes even profit making business can turn out to bankrupt. Since you have a network, take advantage of your network and find out if your idea or solution is the sustainable and long-term.


Start things off with various expert advice and work hard, play hard, dedication and never give up.

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