5 Giveaway Products That Will Make Customer Remember Your Brand

To build brand recognition in the market, most companies use promotional products and giveaway items. These products are unparalleled in terms of efficiency in increasing brand awareness. They have a positive effect on the brand and eventually on the company’s income. However, giveaways and promotional products are not made equally efficient and result-yielding. Some are just a waste of money because they are not made strategically effective. It is important that the giveaways products are carefully planned and thought of in terms of promotion before investing on them. Here are some of the top 5 giveaway products that will make your customers remember you:


1. Water bottle


Reusable bottles designed with attractive colours and shapes are common corporate giveaways. They are not only useful, but long lasting as well. The only caution is the materials used for the bottle since there are similar items that are not safe to be used for drinking due to the chemical contents that are harmful to the body.

2. Tote bag

Tote bags are widely used as promotional item because they are fashionable, highly effective, and affordable. Most companies prefer these items because they are a way to bag the products bought by the customers from the store. They are also intended to indirectly promote the brand through the customers. When a bag is used to carry goods from the grocery store or to carry other items, the brand is being promoted indirectly. That is a big exposure for your brand.

Most tote bags given as giveaways are usually made from recycled materials, which means they are environment-friendly and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

3. Pens and pencils

Most companies give away pens or pencils to customers for promotional purposes. They are practical and useful to different customers. Even those companies participating in a trade show or exhibit prefer to give pens to promote their brands and business. These pens should be of high quality to last longer, or else they will end up in the trash cans even before the trade show ends.

4. Notebooks and notepads

A small notebook, notepad, or post-it notes are among the most common giveaways. Ideally, the logo of the company is printed on each page of the notebooks or notes, and they are a smart way of allowing the customers to remember the brand and the business as they continue to use the product. They are practical, useful, and they are ideal for school and office use, and even for home use.

5. USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are a very practical promotional item that any company and brand can use as giveaways. Most people nowadays benefit from this item. They can be used for school purposes, for office use, personal use, and for many practical uses. Even drivers and car owners use a USB flash drive on their cars to play their favourite music or movies while driving. No doubt, they are very common to companies as promotional items to market their brand and business.

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