5 Best Practices for SAP Cloud Migration

When an organization makes the decision to migrate data from one ERP system to another, it is essential to plan properly. This process will take a certain level of company resource time and will not be limited to just the IT department. If you think of it like building a home, it involves the input of many people with varied knowledge, and if there isn’t a strong foundation then the whole thing can quickly crumble. Below are several SAP data migration best practices that can help provide a solid framework for transitioning to a cloud system.

Define Standards for Data


SAP Cloud MigrationData is the basis of any digital system and its transformation to a new system is essential. This is why having a structured approach to what data should look like is a foundational exercise. It all comes back to the garbage in, garbage out idea. Spending time cleaning up data deeper into the timeline will not be considered a value-added activity.



Involve Stakeholders

SAP Cloud MigrationThe cloud SAP system is going to be utilized by almost every department in the company, so you should involve representatives throughout the organization from the beginning. These subject matter experts can help define what data is needed and how it should be presented in the future landscape. Additionally, there may be regional security concerns that can be brought to attention before getting too far down the path.


Align With Needs

SAP Cloud MigrationThe SME for each area can also address how the migration will align with the strategic goals of the company. Having these discussions early can prevent delays from disagreement on what elements are critical and what timelines are acceptable. This goes beyond the requirements of the IT department and should benefit the business in a unified manner.




Automate Data Mapping

SAP Cloud MigrationSending giant sets of data from the old system to the new can be a laborious process open to errors. By utilizing tools to automate this mapping, the level of risk can be considerably reduced. It will have the added benefit of improving efficiency and reducing overall transition time.


Plan for the Future

SAP Cloud MigrationA large amount of work went into transitioning company data to the cloud, so don’t let it dissolve into a major cleanup operation down the road. It is essential to maintain the standards of data integrity set forth during the planning process. Ensure that understanding and proper training is a staple of any post-migration timeline.

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