5 Advantages of Living in a Master Planned Community

In a traditional community, businesses and other amenities tend to be added somewhat haphazardly as the population expands and demand for different services is generated. In a master-planned community, the community is specifically designed from the start to have recreational and commercial amenities built into the fabric of the community. While some people prefer the more organic feel of a traditional community, master-planned communities come with their advantages. These are five advantages of living in a master-planned community.



Many master-planned communities are designed with built-in safety features, such as gated communities and residential security patrols. Gated communities reduce the amount of through traffic, which can decrease the chances of criminal activity and make for a safer environment due to less traffic on the streets. Security patrols and limited access to the community helps to make it more difficult for criminals who do not live in the community to gain access. It also makes it easier for residents to be aware of unusual activity in their community.


Planned communities carefully incorporate recreational and commercial amenities. Common amenities include parks, trails, lakes, pools recreation centers, schools, clubs, golf courses, gyms and green spaces. Many people associate planned communities with a country club type lifestyle, but many modern communities include amenities that appeal to young professionals, families, retirees and other niche groups. The Nocatee community, designed by Roger Osteen Jacksonville, has become one of the most popular in the United States, thanks to combining recreational amenities, such as access to the beach, with practical amenities, such as schools, office space, shopping and restaurants.


A typical new subdivision construction project only offers one or two homebuilders and all the homes are similarly priced. Planned communities usually offer a wide variety of homebuilders, price points and home styles. Because there are more options to choose from, potential residents can choose a home that is more customized to their preferences and budget and avoid the cookie-cutter look of many traditional subdivisions. The variety of home styles and price points also allows for a more diverse neighborhood that can appeal to families, retirees and young professionals at the same time. The flexibility also allows for residents to move into a larger or smaller residence as their needs change, without having to leave the community.


Many planned communities are developed around a central theme that attracts residents with similar interests. Planned communities exist that are geared towards golf enthusiasts, hikers, green living, retirees, pet owners and even farming communities. Living in a planned community has been compared to the feel of living in a small town where neighbors become friends and there is a shared sense of pride.


Planned communities can take advantage of the latest technology and trends in community planning. Many planned communities incorporate ample green spaces and work with the natural landscape in recognition of the need for new construction to be more environmentally friendly. Roger O’steen of Jacksonville is helping to develop smart communities that leverage smart home technology to provide a modern, convenient living environment that is also sustainable and luxurious. Because potential residents know what the plan for the community is from the start, they can make their purchase with the knowledge of what they can expect their community to look like a few years down the road.

Master-planned communities are built around common interests and modern amenities that can be customized to individual homeowners’ needs. A potential home buyer can purchase a home in a planned community secure in the knowledge that their community has the features that best suit their lifestyle and will be a good fit for their needs for many years.

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