4 Trends in Accounting and Finance

While numbers and data are generally immutable, the fields of accounting and financing are seemingly everchanging. Read on to learn about some of the top trends in these specializations, and how they can impact you or your business.

Functions Are Being Outsourced


While accounts receivable and payable, auditing, and finance departments have all been traditional components of many company’s teams, these roles are now often outsourced. This can allow companies to run leaner and meaner, committing more of their resources to the growth of the business as opposed to back-end functions.

This can open up a whole new path for individuals with accounting career goals. Rather than seeking a job within a specific organization, today’s finance experts can strike out on their own or join a firm that specializes in providing accounting services to a broad range of companies. Look into a salary guide to show how today’s varied roles can impact your value as an accountant.

Employees Are Working Remotely

In organizations that continue to maintain their own accounting and finance departments, the term “in-house” does not necessarily mean “under roof.” Although working remotely has been trending for several years, recent events have accelerated the pace at which companies are moving their workforces off of business premises. With continued reliance on cloud-based accounting systems and other technological advances, it is easier than ever for employees to telecommute while still producing great results. Being able to offer remote options is also helping companies attract top-quality talent, as more and more employees prefer the option of working from home.

Processes Are Becoming Increasingly Automated

Advances in software and automated solutions can help in the fields of accounting and finance by reducing errors in calculations and documentation. Robust platforms can put important financial data at the fingertips of business leaders, helping them to make decisions more swiftly than ever before. Yet despite more companies turning to automation in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy, humans aren’t being pushed out of the picture. Instead, there is a growing need for knowledgeable employees to audit these systems and interpret the data that is produced.

Artificial Intelligence Is Being Implemented

In addition to automation, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of finance. By turning to AI, businesses are able to have their data processed and analyzed with greater speed. As with automation, the utilization of AI does not mean that people will be permanently replaced. On the contrary, highly educated and skilled financial experts are in more demand than ever, as they are called upon to provide in-depth analysis of the information provided by AI. In fact, with so many technological advances in the fields of accounting and finance, enrolling in an online program is a great way to ensure you are ready to handle these exciting changes.

Whether it’s the transition of accounting and financial experts into non-traditional roles or advances in automation and AI, it’s clear that the industry is changing. Keeping yourself or your business up with these trends can strengthen your financial focus now and well into the future.

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