4 Tools for a Small Business Owner

Owning a business is a dream for many Americans. Being your own boss and choosing the direction you go in is exciting and can give you purpose. However, if your business only has a couple of employees, it can be difficult to do all the tasks at hand.

4 Tools for a Small Business Owner

Luckily there are services available to help small business owners manage their daily tasks and grow their business.

1. Answering Service


To be available to your customers or vendors, you want to make sure there are many ways for them to reach you, including by telephone. Answering telephone calls, though, can take up a lot of your time and take away from your work. If you don’t have the budget for an employee who can manage the phones, you can outsource that work to a company that offers phone assistance near me. The operators can take calls and messages, as well as offer basic customer service.

2. HR Software

There are reasons companies have whole departments devoted to Human Resources. The field is complicated and requires a lot of work. For a small business with only a couple of employees, there is no need to hire an HR manager. There are various programs available to make human resources easy for non-professionals. Start with payroll software, which can connect to your bank and handles all the tax and legal requirements automatically.

3. Website Builder

Having an online presence is important for every business these days. You can hire a website designer to build a website for you. If that is not in your budget, there are many website builders available online that are user-friendly and will help you put together a stylish site that your customers will be able to access.

4. Email Marketing

Whether your business is offering a service or selling items, you will need to attract customers to be successful. Email is an effective way to draw in new customers as well as bring back old ones. There are many programs available to make email marketing easy and painless. You can send newsletters to your clients and let them know when you have new sales. Create a mailing list that you can access automatically.

You have enough to do running your business to get bogged down in the nitty, gritty tasks. These tools should help you get your business going strong at an affordable cost. Focus on doing what you love and success will come to you.

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