19 Unique and Quirky Wood Craft Ideas For Your Business

Do you love the rustic appeal of wood and have a knack for DIY projects? Why not make a business out of it? With its durability, versatility and that familiar air of warmth that it exudes, wood is a universal favorite.

Did you know that if you have the exact ideas on how to transform these planks and timbers into useful work of art, wood works sell like hotcakes?

You can specialize in making crafts for a specific group, say children’s toys and cradle. Or if you want to be the jack of all trades why not cater to a broader category. For as long as you have those creative juices flowing, there are hundreds of crafts and ideas to make that piece of wood usable.

Scroll down for woodworking business ideas that sell. You might be able to quit your day job too.

Children’s Furniture


From cradles, a small set of chairs and tables, double beds, and that famous wooden crib, wood can be transformed into a creation that will both appeal to the parents and the children as well.

Parents are always looking for unique, cost-effective and safe furniture and materials for their children’s’ needs. Wood is very versatile and can be formed in almost any way you want it.

How about making that small set of chairs and table where the kids can color their books?

Wood is a great material for those comfortable double beds and even single beds. The Wooden crib is very hot in the market right now. This sturdy material lends an elegant finish as well.

Wood Planter

This is the perfect gift for those who love to line their window sill with pretty indoor plants. Not only does a wood planter lends a unique pot for the greeneries, it also lends a rustic and fresh vibe in the house. You can decorate these planters with a little paint or you can also label it with the name of the plant.

Unique Wooden Mirror

you can do your own version of an orbit wooden mirror by cutting wood into several circular shapes of varying sizes. The more the better! The sizes should be varied, ranging from really big ones to small ones. You will be needing circular pieces of the mirror too. Match this with the wood that is about two inches bigger than the mirror. Use the circular wood as a base for every mirror. Secure the mirror and rearrange all the circular items in any way you like! No need to consider symmetry, we are going rustic here!

Fruit Bowls

Wood has always been a favorite material for kitchen utensils, from bread baskets, plates, spoons to fruit bowls. There are two things to remember if you are going to sell this kitchen ware. One, fruit bowls are very hot in the market right now. As the demand goes up, a lot of manufacturers are making wooden bowls of different shapes and design. You can take advantage of the hype but always strive to stand out from the big crowd. Two, Keep your designs unique and fresh.

Wooden Accessories

Inspired by the Boho chic, wooden accessories such as necklaces, bangles, beads, and bracelet are coming back into the spotlight. These inexpensive yet chic accessories will make you feel like it is summer all year round. Chunky wooden necklaces and bangles are even sold in several famous boutique shops. Why not make necklaces of colored wooden beads? The possibilities are endless!

Embellished Desk Organizer

This piece goes well with your very own wooden table. You can make a pencil block by embellishing a piece of wood with gems, paint finish or laminate. It makes a great gift for the rustic chic. Why not make it personalized by having their names engraved on the wooden block?

Mantle Clock

This small wooden clock is very easy to make, simple and will take you back in time when you used to play at your grandma’s house. With the appropriate finish, this simple wooden clock can look luxurious and expensive. You can even make it a little bit larger and replicate the big wooden clock that reminded Cinderella that it is already past 12 MD.

Wooden Spoons and Ladles

As people are going green, they are looking for materials that are void of any corrosive or harmful metals and toxins. People are ditching the Teflon covered ladle and are going for the safer alternative, wood. Aside from being cheaper, it’s void of any harmful coating that can come into contact with your food. You can make wooden spoons of varying shapes, sizes and designs. Why not make a big fork while you are at it too?


Not only are bookshelves functional, it is also considered as a decoration. Working with wood is very flexible, it allows you to shape the furniture in any way the client demands. A customized bookshelf is in demand right now. From the type of wood to use, the finishes and the paints, the size, and height of the shelf to the number of books it can accommodate, the options are sky high.

Cutting Board

A cutting board is one of a kitchen’s necessities. This utility tool can come in varying sizes and even shapes. With just a few simple tools, a piece of wood and your limitless imagination, you can come up with a very unique looking cutting board. Why not have a name etched or engraved?

Jewelry Box

This is a must have especially for the lady who loves to organize her gems and watches. This piece of work is a highly profitable item and can give you about 10 to 20 times its investment. With the proper attractive pattern, you can make an expensive looking jewelry box with a very small capital investment.

Photo Frames

Photo frames never cease to be on top of the list of perfect gifts to give. Adding a tinge of nature to your sentimental photos will exude a more “trip down to memory lane” vibe. You can make a variety of photo frames, from the ones that can be hung on the wail to the ones that are on the table. This product will never go out of style. People will always be putting up pictures in their living room and they will always be needing photo frames.

Wooden Pens

Wooden pens are said to be given as souvenir items or as a gift. Along with the photo frame, a unique looking pen is always on the top of the list of functional gifts. The need for a beautifully crafted pen will never cease. The use of plastic is being discouraged, it is now the time to invest in beautify crafted wooden pens.

Wooden Signs

To be able to make highly attractive wooden signs and stand out from the crowd, you will be needing a router to etch the words and a design stencil or sandblasting equipment. The signs can appear concave or raised. This can be a profitable business if you have the required woodworking skill and the proper equipment.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are best sold at novelty stores, garden centers, retail stores. Have you noticed whenever you go on a vacation on a beautiful island or resort they always have wooden chimes at the reception area and in the lobby? Wind chimes make you relaxed and happy, that is why it is the perfect adornment for spas, resorts, and any summer destinations.

Blanket Chest Maker

A blanket chest is one of the functional utility items that very household should have. It is used to store items a variety of items from pillow, clothes, blankets and sheets. It makes your room clutter free and it makes a great decoration too.

Table Coaster

Tables coasters are one of those kitchen utilities that people buy on a regular basis. You can make this in varying shades and designs. And when people buy coasters, they usually but this pieces in bulk or in wholesale. It requires a very small capital and a relatively short time to produce.

Small Wooden Boxes

Small boxes are used to store keepsakes or even watches. There was a time where every little girl should have one. People used to store sentimental items in these boxes and it makes a perfect gift as well. These simple boxes can serve a lot of purposes.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are easy to make with the proper woodworking skills and equipment. It is a profitable item, you can have it consigned to wine stores, furniture stores, liquor stores and a number of restaurants. It also makes a perfect gift. People are always looking for unique takes on the simple and basic things, so make your pieces creative and unique so that it could stand out from the rest,

With the proper tools and your endless imagination and creativity, woodworking can be very lucrative. Many people are beginning to prefer luxury home stuff that is made of wood.


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