10 Things to keep in mind when buying a new Bike

Are you thinking of buying a new bike to solve your commuting problems, or want to get one for your family members to help them run your errands? Purchasing a new bike comes with its own set of confusion and dilemmas. Which brand to choose, which model to buy, what colour ..the questions are endless.

But doing thorough homework on models and brands before blindly going into a showroom and buying a bike right off the bat is an excellent way to ensure you get the value for your money. 

Things to keep in mind while purchasing new bike

Here are 10 things you can keep in mind while researching for your next big investment.


Your requirement


While we could be tempted to get a cool sport bike or an off-roader, thoroughly assess what your requirement for buying the bike is. In most cases, it would be for commuting or sometimes you might need a two-wheeler just to run a few errands. Make sure you buy a practical bike that would not gulp in too much petrol or one that has too less mileage. If your commute involves highways, it is best to opt for a heavy, powerful engine. Otherwise,  you can opt for a normal 100-120 cc vehicle. If you are not too keen on geared bikes, you can opt for gearless two-wheelers as well.


Mileage is the distance a bike can travel per one litre of fuel. Mileage should be another primary factor to consider while choosing your bike. With skyrocketing petrol prices, mileage plays an important role if you want to budget your monthly income. Choose the right bike that would take you miles with less petrol.

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While this is a no-brainer, have a good grasp on the amount of money you intend to shell out for your new bike. It also wouldn’t hurt to be a little flexible on your budget. Maybe a little investment today on a higher mileage vehicle can help you cut down costs in the future. As always, take the help of the omnipresent internet to do thorough research on the pricing and compare various models.

Maintenance and spare parts costs

A high-end bike can be expensive to maintain. Speak with the dealer regarding the servicing charges. Get a beforehand idea about the cost of spare parts. Also, make sure there are sufficient service centres and places that sell spare parts. If you have to import spare parts, it would cost you more.

Bike Insurance cost

An insurance policy is mandatory for every vehicle. While you can easily buy bike insurance online, the premium of the policy will depend on the cc of the vehicle. Higher cc vehicles have a higher premium. You can compare the premium amounts with competitor companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Buying a policy online also has the added advantage that insurers often throw in discounts and other perks.

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Comfortable riding is a must if you are a daily commuter. The ideal bike should give you a comfortable seating position, good posture and ease of driving, not to mention the need to weave through traffic. Bulky, uncomfortable seating positions can leave you with grave back pains.


The general mass often cannot go wrong. If you are looking for a  safe bet, choose the bike that is popular in the market. A bike could be popular because of its good performance, great features and value for money. If you do not want to spend too much time researching the right bike for you, go with public opinion.

Height and weight

If you get stuck in a crowded place or need to pull the weight of your empty bike, it becomes important to be able to do it yourself. Get an idea beforehand whether you can handle the weight of the vehicle. Height of the bike should also be within the range that you can manage. Otherwise, you would be asking help from fellow passengers more than you would like. And God help you if you get stuck somewhere remote.

User reviews and ratings

There are a lot of websites that showcase user reviews on bikes. YouTube review channels and their comment sections are other good sources to know the experience of people who have already bought the bike. You can even ask your doubts and get them cleared in forums.

Test Ride

Now that we have covered all the off-field things you have to keep in mind, when it actually comes to buying the bike, always test drive it. It will give you the feel and power of the bike. It will be a first-hand experience that no amount of research can give you.

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