10 Smart Tips for Renewing Your Car Insurance Policy

When you renew car insurance online, you should not blindly continue with your existing cover. You should rather spend some time to make a few assessments and then see if you find a better alternative. You should ideally look to get a good cover at a good rate and from the best insurance provider. Take a look at this article to know how you can make a smart move when you look to renew your motor insurance cover.

Tips for renewing car insurance


  1. Make a budget: Before you renew motor insurance online, you must make a budget. Your insurance cover should be well-rounded, but it should suit your pocket too. So first make a budget and see how much you can spend and then proceed to the next steps. 
  1. Assess your requirements: Next, you need to analyze your own requirements. Since you are going in for an online car insurance renewal, your vehicle is not brand new. So, go over the insurance features and see what you need and what you don’t. Get a cover that is apt and cost-effective. 
  1. Check the riders: Most policyholders buy add-on covers along with motor insurance online. If you too have a few of these riders, check them before you renew your plan. Do you still need every single rider? Or are you missing a crucial rider? Assess the needs and then choose the riders to get a wide-ranging cover for your vehicle. 
  1. Adjust your deductible: You may be paying a premium that is unnecessarily high because your voluntary deductible is too low. Go over the deductible figures and fix it appropriately to get the correct premium amount. However, do not go for too high voluntary deductibles as it might be counterproductive when it comes to claim settlement. 
  1. Check your NCB: The NCB is a reward you earn for driving well and not making claims. When you renew car insurance online, you must check whether the insurer has included your NCB (if applicable) discount in the quote. 
  1. Compare: This is very important and something you must do – compare the available options. Like mentioned above, don’t blindly renew your existing cover. Run a quick comparison to see if you have a better alternative. You may just find a great option! 
  1. Never miss a deadline: Keep an eye on your policy expiration date. You cannot afford to forget or miss the renewal date. If you do so, you will have to pay a late fee. If you are too late, your entire cover may get cancelled. So, go in for an online car insurance renewal within the stipulated time period and enjoy continuous coverage. 
  1. Assess your present insurer: Are you completely happy with your insurance provider? Are they cooperative and helpful enough? If not, then do change your insurer when you renew your cover. You can easily switch insurers and also carry your NCB with you. 
  1. Read between the lines: Do not be in a hurry to renew – read between the lines and see what the terms and conditions of the cover are. Get the plan only if you a satisfied with the coverage. 
  1. Go over the exclusions: And finally, re-read the list of exclusions. If you feel the exclusions are unsatisfactory, reconsider your decision to continue with the same plan. 

The bottom line

Keep the points mentioned above in mind when you look for an online car insurance renewal. These tips are practical and easy to follow. They help you to save money and also to get the best possible coverage.

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