10 Reasons Why International Travel Insurance Must Not Be Ignored

Travellers have for years, underestimated the importance of travel insurance, as its purpose only comes when things go wrong. However, isn’t it better to be safe than being sorry, especially when you are far from home?

While travelling may take us to the most exciting, colorful and vibrant corners of the planet, it also comes with a fair share of risks and dangers of unexpected events. There is absolutely no telling as to what might happen when you embark on your trip, as there are simply hundreds of circumstances, which can bring your trip to a halt. Political unrest, a natural disaster or a medical emergency can force you to cut your trip short and return home earlier than planned. Travel insurance is mainly designed to cover an individual from a variety of travel-related perils. Travelling with your family is always fun but is also fraught with more risks. Thus, one can opt for family travel insurance to cover the entire family against all the standard unforeseen expenses that may crop up during a trip. Let us understand the importance of international travel insurance from the following points.


It provides for emergency medical expenses that may arise out of sudden illness or because of an accident. It also covers the cost of diagnostic tests, therapies, outpatient, inpatient and medical aid. It provides a cover for emergency medical evacuation to the home country. It covers funeral cost and the expenses that arise for repatriating the remains of the insured to their home country.

Compensation in the event of delay in flight schedule, loss of the passport and loss of checked baggage are also covered along with remuneration for accidental death or permanent total disability for the insured while travelling on a common carrier such as railways, bus or aircraft.

The insurance provider pays the cost for accommodation if the insured gets sick or sustains bodily injuries, which results in hospital stay as an inpatient. Financial emergency assistance in case of financial exigencies such as robbery, theft of travel funds are also a part of the inclusions. Usually, a fixed amount is paid as emergency relief.

Each of the above provisions is simply indicative in nature. One must carefully read the policy document to ascertain these covers. Moreover, different overseas travel insurance policies have their own set of features and benefit. A student travel insurance policy offers vital coverage that helps neutralize travel-related risks during a student’s stay abroad while pursuing higher education. However, the exact coverage varies as per the insurance companies. To know more about such policies, one must do overseas travel insurance research online and make informed decisions.

From the above information, you can understand the importance of travel insurance. It can rescue you from a variety of unpleasant situations, which can lead to monetary loss due to medically severe cases, irreparable damage or loss of life. Therefore, whenever you decide or plan for an international trip, don’t forget to take an international travel insurance policy. It can save you from a lot of unforeseen and unnecessary trouble, but also, provide assistance in case you find yourself stranded at any point of your travel.

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